28 Aug 2015


Need of Hour - Smary City or Adarsh Gram Yojana

Recently Government of Indian Launched important Schemes - Smart City Project and a while ago - Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. I tried to look into details of each of these which disappointed me in a sense that Smart City has given 48000cr while Sansad Gram Yojana do not have any Official Fund allocated.

   I tried to further read each and every details of both Schemes and could analyze few more points which high light the We NEED A  Village first then Smart City.

1. Basic Amenities vs Smart City Facilities 

- In the recent Census  I see 70% if Indian are living in village which are still struggling to get very basic Infrastructure of Transport, Health, Sanitation, Drinking Water, A English medium School, A Single Bed Hospital, forget about the SMARTNESS or so called Digitization, atleast equip with a decent broadband connectivity.  
                                                          Indian Village

2.  Provisions In Adarsh Gram Yojana vs Smart City 

 - I digged more at this site :- http://www.saanjhi.gov.in/    to see what are the provisions provided for Adarsh Gram Yojana, at first instance all the provisions looked very attractive like 
  - Every Member of Parliament will adopt at village,
  - A Village will be free from Dust, will have be Ideal village, No bad practices etc.
  - Nobody is illiterate, where the roads are clean, there is a fixed place for evacuation, the wellness are clean, there is harmony among the different communities, and untouchability is completely absent, in which everybody gets cow’s milk, ghee etc., in moderate quantities, in which nobody is without work, etc..

 I literally stopped reading in half way, since there was nothing more then Philosophical, so called - PRAVACHAN or an Idealistic Views, So called Gandhian Dream of Village-  I agree which was Good in 1950s, however at this moment a Village Need 
    - Atleast a very Good School,
    - A Hospital,
    - A Broadband Connectivity atleast
    - Road, Electricity, may Follows.
    - A Bank in 5-10Km of radius.

When it comes to funding, I see that there is no additional funding provided, however an MP on his discretionary power can use the MPLAD fund, please note IT CAN USE, and Yes there is no need for fund for all the pravachans you have provided, my dear Modi ji.

3. Will Smart City Stop Migration From Village to Cities .

Yes I do agree Smart City is also need of hour we need to compete with Developed countries, we really need Sustainable Development , Facilities, Education Hub, Industrial Corridor, High Speed Internet, Well planned Colonies etc however at the same time we need to stop the Migration from Village to Cities which is only possible when we first try to develop the infrastructure at the village level, where SME can be encouraged which will stop Youth from village to City for search of jobs.

To Conclude,

   - Along with smart city first need something like a Group of Village should be developed, if individual village cost you more, cities like Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain which are chosen for smart city are already on progress they have each and every facilities why didnt you choose a distant citiy where fund can be used for their  basic infrastructure development.

  - India can not compete to Developed world unless its 70% population which lives in city brought to main line of Development or atleast achieve an 100% literacy.