16 Sep 2016


How to Check Whether Your Phone Supports 4G LTE

After launch of Reliance Jio Sim - Which works only on 4G/LTE network, everybody is curious to know whether your phone supports 4G or not, How do you check whether your phone has VOLTE support or not. This question become more relevant for Jio Sim which only works on 4G enabled phone or phone having LTE network. I have listed most of the phone which supports Jio Sim Here -  List of Phone Which Supports Jio SIM

4G and LTE are interchangeably used  - both are same. Similarly here are some terminology which are used interchangeably 
  1. 2G   - GSM/CDMA/EDGE/E
  2. 3G   - HSPA/H+/HSDPA/3G+
  3. 4G   - LTE/HSPA+
So if you see one of them then you should be able to differential between 2G/3G/4G etc.

Lets go to the main question - how to check whether your phone has 4G enabled or not, Here are the methods which can be typically used for checking whether your phone as 4G support or not -

1. Check With Your Phone Settings as follows 

     This is very basic way to find whether your phone supports 4G network or not 
  • Android User - Go to Settings -> Mobile Network( some people may find it in more) -> Network  or preferred Network Type , There you should see 4G, 3G and 2G as network options, if you find 4g/LTE then your phone supports 4G network.


  • iPhone - Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular, there you can see if it is 4G enabled or not.
  • Windows Phone -  Settings -> Cellular+ SIM  -> Highest Network Speed. There You should be able to see whether you have 4G in the list or not.

2. Check Online - Search on gsmarena

  This is best and accurate method to see whether your phone supports 4G or not.
  Type your phone model on gsmarena or do google search directly as - "moto g gsmarena" with whatever is the name of your phone and model, this will give you the detailed specification from there you can see the Network type if it has LTE/4G written then you are lucky enough to use the jio sim :-) , here is typical screen shot for my mobile - MOTO G4 plus 

3. Check With Your Phone Specifications - 

     This is very obvious, in your phone specifications there should be a field - Netoworks there you can clearly find whether your phone has 2G/3G/4G. You can search out your old phone box to check with specifications, or else if you have bought online then just research on site from where you have bought it.
      In the Network field you should be able to see the LTE.

Some time you have to upgrade from 3G to 4G  to get 4G network or many a time in India specially - 4G coverage is very less so you may not see the 4G network.

Many a time I came across a question on VOLTE whether my phone supports VOLTE or not since Reliance Jio provide free Voice calling only for VOLTE enabled mobile phones so there is the detailed post which provide - How to Check whether your phone supports VOLTE and How To Activate VOLTE

Please do comment below if you have any queries further.


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26 December 2016 at 06:07 delete

I am using Samsung A5 (SM-A500F) 2015 Model.
Could you please tel me can i update to VOLTE or not......?

12 November 2017 at 22:02 delete

yes it supports

11 February 2018 at 00:29 delete

Hai i am use Huawei honor 8 lite pra la 1 could you tell me i update to volte or not

27 February 2018 at 00:16 delete

Hi! I use symphony p9.....does it support 4G and LTE ?