7 Sept 2016


No need to carry hard copy of Driving Licence and RC - Soft copy will be treated as Valid Documents

Government of India has launched new system ‘DigiLocker+’ which will now enable you to keep your Driving License and RC books of your vehicle on an online repository i.e. You can upload your DL and RC on the App – ‘DigiLocker’ and same can be accessed at any point of time and will be treated as your original documents when asked by the Traffic Police.
GOI Initiative

What is Digilocker
 Digilocke is an app launched by GOI, you can download the app from Google Play Store - DigiLocker app . This is Centralized repository of Documents managed by GOI where your documents would be safe. It will access to the respective departments, users as needed. This app works with your aadhar number (UID) and mobile number to get instant access. This is full proof cloud based online storage of your documents. In Short This is Digital Locker.

How To Upload Documents
To use this app you need to install the app on your smart phone.
  • Register with your mobile number, verify the OTP.

  • Enter your Aadhar Card Number and other basic details
  • Upload your scanned documents in PDF format, it is expected that e-documents will also be there by GOI itself.

  • View your documents whenever you need. Officials will have their different version of app which they can use to verify it.

E-Documents Upload
 You  have options to directly upload the documents issued by Govenment directly i.e. let say your e-copy of Driving Licence will get automatically added there. Here is sample copy of it

Limit on Documents to Upload
Right now user have 1GB of free space to upload as many documents as needed, you can upload your PAN Card,Marksheets, Aadhar Card, Ration Card etc.
Benefits of DigiLocker
  • There are numerous benefit to End User akka common man – Now we need to take the DL and RC all the time  with us.
  • Remove harassment of people – many a time police people charges penalty for just not keeping the documents with us, this will definitely help the harassment of people.
  • This will reduce corruptions and help police officials to figure out the loop holes.
  • This will remove burden of attesting, re-issuing DL and RC in case of lost and damaged.
Our Verdict

This is definitely a really new initiative which will bring transparency in the system and will help people, society to grow paperless and Hassel free. It will help to consolidate all the documents at one place just with the help of Aadhar and Mobile Number. I have personally felt need of this as recently I paid bribe to police official since I do not had hard copy of RC. I wish other departments of government also integrate this DigiLocker.


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