22 Sept 2016


All About Google Allo - New Messaging App by Google

Google has recently launched Android Version of its new Messaging app like Whatsapp, hike named as - Google Allo.
Google Allo is not just instant messaging app but it has lot more - It is more or like your personal assistant, if you dont have any friends then also you can talk to Google Allo - Robot i.e. It has Google Assistant Feature, it responds based on machine learning.

Lets me first tell you how can you download it and start using it ?
Google Allo is available on Google Play Store, you can download it from here 
  After installing register with Your mobile number, verify via text-sms then it will have access to your gmail as well.

Features of Google Allo App

Most important feature of Allo app is - Google Assistant feature where you can do more then just searching - You ask anything, Google Allo will help you out with that most appropriately. Let say you want to get the list of Restaurant Near by it will give you ?  You want ticket to Delhi, or California - It will help your out based on our location and other activities which it keep capturing as an when you keep using it, in simple word it is your Virtual Personal Assistant.

Here are other features of it

Smart Reply 
Respond to messages without typing a single word - as detailed above Google Assistant.  

Get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them or adding text. 

Say it all with the perfect sticker. Stickers in Google Allo are designed by independent artists and studios from around the world. 

SHOUT or whisper 
No more typing in ALL CAPS to get your point across. Say it louder or quieter by changing the size of your text with a quick swipe. 

Meet your personal Google Assistant 
Google Allo brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition. Find restaurants nearby, share videos to watch, and get answers, right in your conversation with friends. Add @google to your group conversation or chat one-on-one with your Assistant. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. 

Incognito mode 
Send messages with end-to-end encryption, use private notifications to help keep your chats more discreet, and control how long your messages stick around with expiring chats. 


After its Android Version launch , Goolg Allo has an feature to off the end-to-end encryption which is not convincing to many security expeets like NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden who has warned about the threat it poses to users’ privacy and safety. 

 "Allo, a personal messaging and assistance app which lacks previously promised security safeguards, amounts to “Google Surveillance”, so “Don’t use Allo,” Snowden tweeted in a series of tweets"

Our Verdict

Google Allo may not directly complete Whatsapp or Messenger but it is good in itself, user will definitely love it - Specially the Virtual Assistant Feature.


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