21 Sept 2016


How To Get Glowing Skin

Everyone wants glowing and fresh skin in summers, because in summer our skin become dull day by day. So today for this problem I have bring a solution, you can get glowing skin at home.  I hope you all will like it.

Here are Few Creams which will Help You apart from below methods - 

Step by Step Guide
 Take one spoon glycerin. Glycerin is easily available in all  chemists or cosmetic store. Two spoon of Aloe Vera gel from Aloe Vera leaves and if you don't have Aloe Vera leaves at home you can use Aloe Vera gel 100% pure one. One spoon olive oil.

Now mix these ingredients together nicely and apply it on your face with the help of brush and leave it for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes are over wash your face with normal water. After 5 minutes apply few drops of olive oil on your face and go to sleep. When you will get up next day you will see a magic on your face , your skin will be glowing like you are coming from a parlour.