30 Sept 2016


Upgrade Your iPhone to iPhone 7 or 7 Plus It Has Some Cool Features To Get Excited About

The iphone is water-resistant it’s not quit as water resistance as Samsung phones but it’s still gonna freak out if you get it wet.

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The new iphone 7 and 7Plus look more or less exactly like the iphone 6 and 6plus, There are small difference like Stereo  speaker tweaks antenna lines and bigger change in the new iphone 7 is the removal if headphone Jack

It comes with lightning earphones and an Dongle for using your old Headphones. Apple is facing a big change by taking away the headphone jack and the ecosystem around that change is pretty mature that is all going to be really inconvienient while everyone adapts and build apdapters apples also pushing wireless audio really hard. It also comes with a better camera, taptic engine, heptic feedback system and most importantly a bigger bettery.
So the real question is weather all that stuff is worth it and worth upgrading the iphone 7?
The iphone 7 and 7 plus is one of those beautiful refind designed  apple ever made.

The iphone 7 and 7plus also have the new A10 fusion processor. The front camera on the both iphone were upgraded to a 7 megapixel sensor while the rear camera on the regular 7 has a faster f 1.8 lens and opical image stabilization both which improve the performance and 7plus has a radical dual camera system on the back with two 12 megapixel shooters and a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens, the two camera works together as a single system so you can smoothly  zoom from 1x to 10x and eventually apple will enable some fancy depth tricks that will blur the background like a much fancier camera.

Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus will be launched in India on 7th October. You can order from  Flipkart,which is one of the retailers, is now started accepting pre-orders. The starting price is Rs. 60000 for the 32GB version. Flipkart is offering up to 24,500 off on 
exchange offer list also offering a 10000 cash back on Citi Credit card.

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