3 Oct 2016


Anna Durai - The Amazing Auto Driver Having Website, Mobile App, TED Speaker

Ever wondered getting in an auto to reach somewhere but after getting in you actually don’t want the journey to get finished. This is what happens when anyone enters the “amazing auto” of Mr. Anna durai. This auto has such plethora of facilities which makes journey more beautiful and fascinating than the destination. We all have heard the phrase” Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude”, but Anna durai proves it.

So who is Anna Durai?

Anna Durai addressing corporate employees
He is a high school drop-out who drives a share auto in Chennai between Thiruvanmiyur bus terminus and Sholinganallur.  But wait he is just not any other auto wala you are thinking of. He has two TED talks to his credits, yes you heard it right and this isn’t it, he has given more than 40 speeches at corporate offices and has addressed employees of Vodafone, Hyundai, Royal Enfield, Danfoss and Gamesa and don’t be surprised if I say that he travels mostly by air. If you have become his fan by now then wait he already has many, yes his Facebook page has more than 10,000 followers. He has given interviews to many leading channels and can seen with Bollywood stars clicking pictures.

Amazingness of his auto!!!

He provides with around 40 magazines(weekly, daily, monthly) and about 10 newspapers to his fellow travelers. There are dailies for the customers who need to keep up on the news, weekly magazines for passengers who are taking a long ride, and glossy fortnightlies for those interested in lighter reading. Free Wifi is being provided along with a Tab to browse the wifi with. And he has also added a laptop and card swiping machine recently,with which you can pay even for a minimum of 10INR.

Anna’s special
Then comes the Anna's special offers. He give free rides to children on children's day, free rides to mothers on mother's day (accompanied by their children ) , free rides to couples on valentine's day and free rides to women on women's day. On september 15 , his birthday,  customers get a 50% discount. Now if you think that's it , what more will he offer?. So to proove you wrong yet again he is coming up with his app. Yes, I know, you are reading this with your eyebrows raised , but this is what ANNA DURAI aka AUTO ANNA is , inhibited venturesome.

Annadurai Provide Discounted Rides on the Following Occasions -

Father’s Day – Free for men over the age of 45
Mother’s Day – Free rides for mothers with their children
Women’s Day – Free rides for women over the age of 50
Children’s Day – Free rides for school students
Abdul Kalam’s birthday – Rides at 50 per cent off for all customers
Independence Day – Free rides for anyone born before 1947
Annadurai’s birthday – 50 per cent off on rides for all customers
Valentine’s Day – Free rides for couples (Because I’m a bachelor too, smirks Annadurai). All customers will also get a chocolate on all these days.