6 Oct 2016


How to Earn Money Using Whatsapp

OMG!! You are talking about Earning Money via Whatsapp!!!  When whatsapp itself do not earn money, then how can you earn money boss? isnt it ridiculous – Yes it is strange but human beings are desperate for earning money they will find way to get money out of anything and everything. 

Secrets of Making Money Online
I am a blogger, write articles on internet and earn money via them if and only if I could attract more readers to my website - That is essence of earning money via Internet, So same applies for whatsapp as well as it has millions of users using whatsapp all the time, reading a funny joke, scrolling though a group to see if some interesting thing could can located, literally all the time even we are half asleep. So coming to original question can you earn money via whatsapp - My answer  is Yes , you can with little extra efforts. Here are few working methodologies which can be quickly learned and start earning money  -

1.  Affiliate Program 
2.  Link Shortening Services
3.  PPD - Pay Per Download
4.  Marketing App Downloads
5.  Sharing your Own Blog/Website/Youtube videos.

Now to Get in details what are all these things you need to wait for some time, as I have still not finished my article, will elaborate further if you liked above article.