15 Nov 2016


3 Most Suitable Screen Recording Application for Windows

3 Most Suitable Screen Recording Application for Windows

People often get confused about what application to use when it comes to screen printing. For those who are unfamiliar with the term screen printing, we would like to tell them that screen printing software allows one user to instruct another computer user to perform particular task in their system. Selecting perfect screen printing software could be a difficult job as you need that software to be multitasking with multiple benefits. In order to make this difficult job easy for you we have shortlisted the best screen printing application for your windows system. And these softwares are way to cooler than you thing. They will make your work easier, simpler, repeatable and most importantly easily explainable.

Here are 3 most suitable screen printing applications for your windows system:

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice cream Screen Recorder is at the top of our list. This screen printing software comes for free and is capable of capturing and recording screen. It is compatible with almost all the versions of windows. Let’s talk about its features , it provides the user an area selection feature that focuses on What you want on the other hand you will find an option to add ‘creative’ imprint to the recording and the screenshot. But that’s not it. We are not done yet , this software has various other cool features like screen short to URL,  project history, hotkey support, clipboard feature and audio settings.

Active Presenter

In short Active Presenter is free screen printing software built in a smarter way that caters to the needs of professionals like corporate and also used for education purpose. This application is heavy screen recording tool that can be used for making online tutorials, making recordings and screenshots interactive and explainable. Active presenter is made by Atomi Systems. Additional features include interactive elements like voiceover, callouts, graphics and annotation. Besides it is capable to handle SCORM-complaint Learning Management Systems that makes it an ideal corporate training tool.


Another free screen capturing and recording software but very popular in its league. In fact it is the most downloaded screen capturing software that doesn’t offer too much features but whatever it is offering is worth noticing. Like Cam Studio allows you to hide the curser screen and fetch audio from different sources while using it to capture and recording your computer screen. Cool isn’t it?  . And its free !