2 Nov 2016


5 Mantras to Make Your Marriage Stronger

5 Mantras to Make Your Marriage Stronger

 Marriage is a beautiful thing and to keeping this beautiful thing for longer period is not easy as it seems. Now days, we find people getting bored from each other, fighting each other over smaller issues and even filing divorces.  In order to maintain and flourish your marriage you need to keep experimenting with the things. These experiments are not rocket science but a little effort to redevelop your affection, effort and interest towards your partner.

Here, we have 5 magic mantras for all the married couple to make their relationship stronger than ever:

Show Your love at first sight avatar again

This is the first mantra towards your long lasting healthy marriage. We know you both are tied to schedules and in case there is no spark left in your relationship, there is one solution to this problem. Start from the beginning and treat each other as if they are your fight sight love and you are ready to do anything with each other.

Helping Out Your Partner from Their Fear

Every man and woman has their loose points and secrets and sometimes these loose points can drag your relationship to the danger zone. Like, women are always conscious about their looks and they have this fear that being fat and ugly is a bad thing. In such case men are supposed to comfort her, encourage her and make her feel that she is the most beautiful lady he has ever met. In case of men, Women can help them out with their motivation to do better at Office and work.

Listening Really Counts

Listening is an essential element to any communication, if missing communication collapses.Couples shout and scream at each other and they are getting better day by day. This is literally not funny as they are missing some really important point here and that is listening each other. If you are a good at listening then your marriage is definitely going to rock for the rest of your life. Instead of shouting at each other first listen what your partner has to say then think if you want to shout or not and I bet you won’t. Keep calm and Listen!!

A little Surprise Can Do Wonders

Everybody loves surprises and it always helps in bring smiles on people’s faces. One thing you should never forget that you are never too old to surprise your partner even if you are a 65 year old guy. Plan a surprise birthday party at the exotic place for your partner or you can try surprise holiday tour for your partner. A little surprise brings even a lot of affection for your partner.

Praise Your Partner

Praising is caring. Praising your better half not only increases their confidence level but also shows how much do you care for them. Try praising your wife when she makes a good food for you , she is definitely going to feel good and even try to make the best food for you. It reinforces the bonding between husbands and wives. If you are a woman and your husband just received a promotion, you need to wish him for his success and feel proud for his promotion. Praising is caring and caring is all about love.