30 Nov 2016


Amazon To Shut Down Fake Sellers

Amazon.com,Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has started lashing out towards the Fake product sellers on their platform. One of the very prominent criticism e-Commerce sites have always faced was regarding the authenticity of the seller, as in if the product you order is genuine or no. People fall for the "Genuine", "Real", "Authentic" tags in the description online. But when they get their hands on to that product, it might be a bit too late to realize that they have been produced with the counterfeits of the original product.

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Source: hotkeys.net

After the criticisms had been getting too much to take, Amazon had been looking for ways which could control and check the dealings of duplicates in their sites. Now they have come up with a great idea to do the exact same thing. Now on, Amazon will have something called the "Brand Registry" for every brand which is being sold in their website. In this registry, brands, regardless of if they are selling a product or no, will have to register their products. This will be controlled mainly from US and Europe. So now, each of the seller who is selling something on Amazon will have to provide Amazon with the official authorization letter from the respective brands of which they are selling.

During last couple of years, so many companies have faced drastic decrease in their revenue due to the entry of duplicates in the market. Birkenstock and Whaley are just two of those companies for instance.These unauthentic products are mainly being produced from PRC( People's Republic of China).

As an added step, Amazon have also stopped paid reviews from customers where the seller provides the goods under good discounts to get good reviews.

India is about to see around $3 Billion investment from Amazon which will be affecting the present sites working in India already. But how to understand if a product is genuine or no? Almost all the counterfeits looks exactly the same as the originals but its only after it is in your hand you will be realizing that you have been cheated upon.

So here are few steps to help you reduce the risk of getting tricked:-

- Once you find something interesting online, research about it intensely. Brands have their own emblem or logo which will be put in almost all the products they make in one way or the other.

- If the seller is giving you too much assurance like by using words like "Genuine", "Original", "Real" etc. very much, then you might want to stay on guard because real sellers would not do that.

- If the prices marked are too less to believe, then there is a high chance that product might be fake.

Check the packaging for safety labels, especially for electronic goods. If not, return them immediately and get your money back.

So next time you buy something online, keep these things in mind. Happy Shopping!