21 Nov 2016


Beginners Guide to Make Youtube Videos and Earn Money - Create Acount, Upload & Edit Video

Learn To Manage YouTube Account - For YouTube Beginners

If you are planning to start your own YouTube channel and you don’t know how to execute this planning we are here to help you out. Everyone is familiar with how to browse videos on YouTube but half of them are only interested in beginning their YouTube channel. If you are going to create your YouTube account for the first then you may not several things. Simply trying to say that you are at the beginner’s level and you need to learn various features of YouTube that are listed below:

  • ·        Creating a YouTube account
  • ·        Uploading videos on YouTube
  • ·        Editing YouTube videos

Creating a YouTube account

·        In order to create a YouTube account you must have a Google account. If don’t have a Google account then you must have one.
·        Go to YouTube.com or you can also look into Google apps located in the top right of your Google page for YouTube app.
·        You will find the sign in option at the top right of the YouTube page.
·        Sign in using your Gmail account.
·        Your YouTube account is ready.
Note: Your YouTube channels is automatically created when you sign in your YouTube account and this allows you to upload videos, create playlist, and various other features

Uploading videos on YouTube

  • It’s time to upload videos on your YouTube channel and for that you must sign into your YouTube account.
  •  You can see the upload button at the top right beside sign in option of the YouTube page. Click upload
  •  It is required to adjust the video piracy setting before uploading the videos.
  • Now choose the video you want to upload, you can directly upload the video from the computer system or can also import it from Google photos as well. Creating a video slideshow option is also available.
  • While the video is uploading you can mention the required information about the video or edit the advanced setting of the video.
  • The final step is clicking on the publish button. It finalizes the uploading of your video to YouTube .After that click on Done to finish the uploading.

Note: You can share the video on different platforms like Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. You can always customize the video publishing and sharing setting.

Editing YouTube videos

YouTube is built with YouTube Video Editor that allows the user to edit the videos while uploading it. You can perform various editing functions using this feature like combing multiple videos and photos to create a YouTube video, trimming the length of your videos to your convenience, add music feature adds the music in your video from the music library and last but not the least the customize feature which lets the user customize the videos using inbuilt effects and special editing tools.

To edit the videos follow the listed instructions:

  • Login to your YouTube account.
  • Click Upload and you will find the Video editor at the bottom right of the YouTube upload page.
  • Click Edit under the Video editor and select the desired the editing tool from there.
  • After finishing the project click on Create video to finalize the editing.