11 Nov 2016


Meet the “Revolver Dadi” of India

Meet the “Revolver Dadi” of India

She is an 82 year old lady and possibly the oldest sharpshooter in the world. She even brought the sporting revolution in her village. And this “she” is no other than Chandro Tomar. Chandro holds the record of winning more than two dozens of championship in shooting. Chandro is an inspiration to all the women and girls of her village. She is popularly known as Revolver Dadi not only in her village but also in the entire nation.

Chandro happens to belong to Johri village which is situated in the district of Uttar Pradesh. She has a large family that includes her 6 children and 15 grandchildren. She started training rifle when she was 65. It seems like the passion for shooting runs in her family as we found that her daughter and even grand daughters are very passionate about pistol shooting. Well, it all started when Chandro’s granddaughter insister her to accompany her in shooting practice as she wanted to part of Johri Rifle Club. But right at that moment Chandro took the pistol and started shooting at the targets and surprisingly she got it all. Not a single target was missed. Everybody was literally impressed by her performance and since that day she never looked back. She believed that age is just an excuse; if you have passion you can achieve your goals.
Chandro setup an example for all the females in her village and fortunately now there are around 25 women who have just took the brave step to come forward and learn rifle shooting at the rifle club.

As I mentioned earlier, the passion of shooting runs in the blood of chandro’s family. Here are some facts that will make you proud for Chandro and her family. Seema is the daughter of Chandro and you won’t believe that in 2010 she became the first woman from India who successful won a medal at the pistol and rifle world cup. Her daughter was not the only one who got this worldwide appreciation but her granddaughter Neetu Solanki has also reached to the international competitions in Germany and Hungary. There is one more name worth mentioning and that name is Prakashi Tomar who is chandro’s sister-in-law. Prakashi once defeated deputy superintendent of police and since that moment he never turned to her village saying he was beaten by a woman. That was quite odd for him.