11 Nov 2016


Things You Should Avoid Before Going to Bed

Things you should avoid when you go to bed

 Its a fast growing world with lesser sleeping and rising working hours. With the competition around, it’s almost difficulty to cope up with the self centred world and one finds himself working hours overtime, comprising his sleep and using every available second, for work, even if that second has to be stolen from sleep. In order to not feel sleepy when working,one resorts to alternative substances which, might terminate in addiction  liability, some of them being coffee, red bull etc. In the pursuit to obtain more time out of that time crunch, one loses what is called * productivity of work * and thus renders this harm inflicted on the body, totally worthless.

     Consumption of such drugs not only hampers your sleeping cycle , but also makes your entire day down the road, difficult to pass. Such condition is ofcourse experienced only when one resorts to such options chronically. Not just coffee, but many other activities that you’ve been doing, need to be omitted .

       Here’s a list of a few-

    Greasy heavy-fat food. These high calorific delicious monsters not only  make your next day morning sluggish and delayed but also adds up on the workload on your stomach. Chronic episodes will turn into stomach digestive difficulties and thus, need to avoided.

    Pre sleep use of gadgets- 
     Commonly used mbile phones, ipads, tabs, etc have a blue spectrum of display which when projected on your eye, excites your eye, essentially exciting your brain rather than relaxing it and thus causes difficulty in sleeping. Having said that, there are many arpplications we've on the play stores and apple stores today which when turned on , change the  display spectrum to red colour which rather improves the sleep efficacy by relaxing the active brain centres.

     Workout - NEVER EVER workout before sleep!
     Working out makes your brain centres active by stimulating them and thus makes it difficult for one to relax those specific centres in brain known as the thalamic centres. Activation of the thalamus puts one in a state of complete excitement thus making it even difficult for one to sleep

     Emotional bouts -  
     The night is a bad times to drown yourself in those emotional diversities ranging from rage to self pity. This starts a never ending cascade and thus effectively hampers your sleep. It's rather advisable to have a healthy time out when you sleep and rather think about the next day ahead. If that doesn't work, try reading a book, that'll help for sure.

All these contra-indicated activities have rather, become an essential part of today's fast growing world. True, that efforts and constant time investment is the price to be paid for development to come in, but the question to be asked here, is the worth at which this progress is embraced.