23 Nov 2016


Top 10 Benefits Of Bananas

Being a sportsman, I’ve always been aware of a handy energy rip off, having an omni present availability and a delight to the tongue. You got it right, I’m talking about bananas. You too, as a kid may have been told by your mom to have a bite or a whole of it whenever you feel tired or you’re about to leave for your intercollege match. Such is the grasp of this delicacy and here is everything you need to know why bananas are such a preferred energy house!

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1.       Provides Energy!
 You probably would wana prefer having a banana or two over having an energy bar before your big match or even a practice session. Bananas have energy solely in the form of carbohydrates which are the easiest and fastest to digest as opposed to energy bars which have proteins as their primary source of energy. Carbohydrates have much more energy content than proteins and also are much more readily digested on consumption as compared with proteins which might take about 20-30 minutes to completely get digested and provide the much needed energy

2.       Helps the bowels!
Bananas on reaching the intestine help in increasing the gut motility which in turn renders more efficient digestion of all the ingested food. This is because bananas also have a considerable amount of fibres which help increase gut motility

3.       Soothes those ulcers!
If you’re a known patient of gastric ulcer, you won’t find much of your interest in consuming any sort of food, except bananas. The reason being bananas have a rather soothing effect on your stomach mucosa and hence are much more appreciated when in case of an active ulcer

4.       Keeps the heart going!
Bananas are a natural source of potassium which is an essential mineral for normal functioning of the heart

5.       Helps you lose weight!
 Kinda well bananas being a heavy energy loaded fruit, on consumption make one feel full. You wont feel like having a meal after having a banana or two, that’s for sure

6.       Forget those days of anemia!
Bananas are a rich source of iron and thus make up a lot in cases of iron deficiency anemia, which btw is the most common variety of anemia seen in Indians . if you’re pregnant , banana is your diet of choice, given it’s richness in iron !

7.       Morning sickness?
 That’s history! Another reason why pregnant women should prefer bananas, they also help in preventing morning sickness by inhibiting the CTZ centres ( the vomiting centres present in the medulla )

8.       Your vision!
Bananas have been exclusively found to be a major source of vitamin A . vitamin A ( chemical name-retinol ) is the essential component of the visual cycle which helps in maintaining a normal and healthy vision !

9.       Too many mosquito scars?
 Bananas are your solution! In case of a severely itching mosquito bite, you can simply rub the inside of a banana peel against the bite ! an easy yet quite an effective method of relief!

10.   Helps depression stuck people!
Bananas are known to have an essential amino acid, called tryptophan which is necessary for maintaining a happy and a healthy mood!