13 Nov 2016


What Good Do The Monsters Of The Night Bring To You?

9 things that happen to your body when you sleep!

After having a rough day at work, all you want to do when you get back to your abode is relish that last meal of the day and simply crash yourself against those soft mattresses you bought last year in Diwali. Days come when you’re so exhausted that you come home and tell your wife that you won’t have to energy to even eat tonight, all you want to do is simply sleep it off! What’s interesting is the fact that when you enter this mystical wonderland, there’s quite a list of things that happen to you which you probably were never aware of. Here are a few noteworthy of mentioning:

1.  1.     Your eyes move RAPIDLY! A phase of sleep known as REM {rapid eye movement} sleep makes your eye move rapidly from one direction to another. This happens involuntarily without you even knowing about it. This contributes to about 20-25% of sleep every night.
                                   Image result for resting eye movements

2.    2.   Your temperature has a major hit too! This drop may be of a degree Celsius or two. Now you know why we’re always so keen on having a cool room while sleeping. Not just because it’s rather comfortable, but also because a temperature around your body temperature will help you sleep better!

           Image result for temperature drop
3   4.    You get paralyzed! Ever experienced a time when you feel you’re been chased by a rabid dog but you cannot run? You try and move your legs with maximum strength but you just fail. That’s you in .the REM phase of sleep, again.

                                             Image result for sleep paralysis
4.     5.  You pump out growth hormones : An hormone called, Growth Hormone ( GH ), which is necessary for your long bones to grow and your body to develop is released when you sleep. Other than that, a hormone called cortisol, which is a steroid hormone secreted by your adrenals ( they’re a solitary organ present on top of each kidney ) and is necessary for blood glucose regulation and immune function.
                Image result for growth hormone

5.     6.Your heart rate drops down : Your heart has a lesser load to pump and thus the working capacity is lowered thereby lowering heart function. Therefore your heart has a rather relief period wherein it’s can reduce it’s output.

                                            Image result for heart rate

6.     7  Your blood pressure drops down! Evidently as one’s heart rate decreases one’s blood pressure also falls. This is accompanied by a fall in respiratory rate too

                                   Image result for Blood pressure fall night

7. 8.      You might execute a lot of involuntary actions ! Sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep eating, all these activities have been made known to most of us by the funny element displayed in movies. But they do happen in reality too.  Next time you see your sibling reach out to the fridge in his sleep to have that slice of icecream, don’t bully him/her the next morning, they honestly a victim to sleep eating.

                                           Image result for sleep eating

8.   9.    Your brain takes over the cleaning job. Just like a vacuum cleaner clearing off all the unwanted /dust in the house, similarly the brain also is on a detox mission when you’re sleeping. All the unwanted toxins in the brain are cleared out by the brain. That’s why skipping a goodnight’s sleep is so disastrous.

                                             Image result for brAIN DETOX NIGHT

There’s probably a lot more going on when you sleep which we still don’t know. In the midst of that beautiful break you take from life every night, the natures enthralls upon you all it’s miraculous showers. Science has made a terrific progress today, yet so many things undiscovered.