3 Dec 2016


5 Worst Habits You Must Avoid

5 Worst Habits You Must Avoid

Habits come from the constant exposure to the same situation and condition. You keep doing the same task at the same time for the same time period is a condition of habit. Habits may be good, bad or even worst depends upon how you counter those situations.  Good habits are blessings; Bad habits are normal and can be fixed and finally come the worst habits.  Worst habits are like bedbugs which eats you up and hard to get to rid of and today we are going to discuss some of the common worst habits people have. Here goes:

# Being Judged By Other People

 Being judged by other people is a kind of habit where you are more concerned about what people think about you rather than you thinking about yourself. This lets you doing exactly what other people wants you to be not what you are willing to do.
To get rid of this habit you need to learn how to ignore other people’s judgments and live the way you want to live without any intervention of other person.

# Overspending Valuable Time on Social Media

 Spending too much time on social media is more like a disease cum habit these days. There is no denying the fact that social media is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning and your obsession with facebook, instagram and instagram is affecting your lives in one or the other way. You are being influenced by the people on social media like you are taking them too seriously. For a little time pass social media is good but overspending is a time killer.

To get rid of this habit you need to indulge in physical activities like sports and read books. This really helps.
# Thinking Too Much

There is a difference between calculated thinking and over thinking; calculated thinking involves smart planning with quick decision making capability whereas Over thinking is more like an unnecessary wastage of time in planning something that leads you to take unconfirmed decision. So Over thinking is a bad habit and should be avoided while Smart thinking is something you must adopt.
# Sticking To the Comfort Zone

Most of the people don’t want to leave their comfort zone or should I say they are afraid of facing challenges in the life. It may sound bit harsh but this is how you learn to face the toughness. You are not going to get a worthy thing until and unless you fight for that thing and fighting don’t come from comfort zone. Sacrifice, struggle and hard work are certainly not the allies of Mr. Comfort zone. So get motivated, set the goal and work accordingly and don’t forget to leave the comfort zone behind.
# Dreaming About the Perfect World

In reality perfectionism doesn’t exist and even if it does it won’t work on this planet or may be some other planet. You are smart and hardworking and want the thinks to be done in the precise manner. Well to some extent it’s possible but entirely impossible as you are yourself not perfect so please don’t expect from other to be perfect. Everybody has flaws and weakness and that is normal you cannot change that. Perfect dress, Perfect partner, Perfect college and various other so called perfect things exists in fairyland not in this practical world. Try to be a good person not a perfect person