19 Dec 2016


Increase Subscribers On your YouTube Channel Using the Link Trick

Increase Subscribers on Your Youtube Channel Using the Link Trick

The popularity and growth of any Youtube channel is measured through the number of subscribers on Youtube channel. Having viewed is not as important as having subscribed on Youtube and the reason behind is that the subscribers develop the sense of attachment with your channel which makes them stay with your channel whereas viewers spend little time to watch your video.. Larger the number of your subscribers bigger will be the success of your channel. If your content is genuine, entertaining, engaging and worth watching nobody can resist themselves from not watching or subscribing your YouTube channel.

So, ultimately it’s all about “How to increase subscribers on your Youtube channel?” and we are not going to discuss the same old way of how to increase your subscribers rather we have come up with something really interesting , really worth trying . It’s a little trick that can help you in speeding the subscription process and “Automatic Youtube Channel subscription link” is the trick we are talking about. It’s really simple to use this trick, just follow the given instructions:
·        Have a look on the link given below 
·    As you see there is a word “nalts” written at the end of the URL, replace the word 
      nalts with your username or channel name.
·   After replacing nalts with your username you have nothing left to do and you are 
     Note:  This trick only works when the user is logged into Youtube. In the next step the
                user need to click the link and then confirm their subscription. And now the user
                is added to your channel.

  The moment you have got  5,000 subscribers on your channel , you can have access on
  Tubular's free Audience Dashboard tool which will help your channel to find collab 
  partners and you will be notified every time your subscriber tweets your videos. 
  Besides you can monitor the popularity of your channel by checking your daily views
   and engagements