18 Dec 2016


Simplest Way to Add a Subscribe Button to Your Youtube Channel

Simplest Way to Add a Subscribe Button to Your Youtube Channel

You are handling the branding /marketing of your company brand using Youtube in order to demonstrate and promote your product. And also you want your existing and new customers to become permanent viewers of your Youtube channel so that you can display and demonstrate your new products time to time but in order to make them stick to your channel they need you to subscribe your channel and that’s what we are going to discuss now.

Subscribing to a Youtube channel is not a big deal but  many Youtube channel owners often faces the difficulty to add the subscriber button to their Youtube Channel Which leads their viewers confused as they couldn’t find the subscribe button . Sometimes viewers see use 'Subscribe to Our Channel' annotations and Youtube links on your channel which could be irritating and puzzling for the viewers to find the subscriber button. And this may lead the viewer ignore your Youtube video.

We don’t want to lose our daily viewers so it is required to tackle this issue. We are going to tell how exactly you can add one click subscribe button to your Youtube videos.

     Follow the given steps to add a subscribe button to your YouTube videos:

·         Go to www.youtube.com

·         Now, login to your YouTube channel

·         Select the Video Manager tab

·         Click Channel Settings from the sidebar and choose InVideo Programming from the drop down menu

·         Choose the Add a Watermark option.

·         Upload a Subscribe button image (Get it from Google Images or Design it yourself)

·         And now click Save

You can also customize the locations and duration of display of subscribe button. You can make the subscribe button displayed at the beginning/mid/end of the video. As mentioned you can decide how long you want the subscribe button to be seen for, then click on Update

Congratulations! You have done it as viewers can subscribe your channel with one click subscribe button.
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