7 Jan 2017


Xiaomi Launches 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2

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Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi announced the launch of their next power bank in the 20,000 mAh in December 2016. They had released their Mi Power Bank 20,000mAh edition for just 2,200 INR. The new Mi Power Bank 2 is said to hit the markets for just 1,600 INR. The main highlight in the new release is that it supports Qualcomm Quick Charging 3.0 and two way fast charging. 

The new model looks almost similar to the first release except for its shorter and narrower built. The first model had dimension 141.9 x 73 x 21.8 while the new model has a dimension of 135.5 x 67.6 x 23.9. Unlike the first one, the Mi Power Bank 2 is only available in White color. The Power Bank 2 will still have the bumps on the surface like the first edition to ensure good grip. 

During the release, Xiaomi claimed that the Mi Power Bank 2 can charge a Xiaomi Mi Max in 2.5 hours. They will also be compatible with most of the smartphones, tablets and other latest e-gadgets. Statistically looking, that will be one of the finest power banks to ever hit the market. The Power Bank 2 uses high density lithium polymer batteries. Where the single port output on the first generation model is 5V/2A, the second generation measures at 5V/2.4A- 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. The dual port rating is still the same at 5V/3.6A. 

Xiaomi has released in China but hasn't told anything yet about their release in India.