6 Feb 2017


5 Cool White Hat SEO Techniques That Ranks You Faster

5 Cool White Hat SEO Techniques that Ranks You Faster

Today, we are going to discuss some effective SEO techniques that not only help you in traffic building for your website but also help your website to rank better and faster. In order to achieve a great rank, I recommend you must follow white hat SEO techniques while managing your website and blogs. Online survey shows that first link in search results receives additional 17% clicks. Therefore, this must bother you and you must feel the need to rank higher in these search engines.
Following are given some White Hat SEO mantras that is really worth trying to achieve higher ranks:

Always do a proper research on keywords while building your website
This is one of the most overlooked sides where people neglect the importance of keywords. Keywords if used wisely can increase traffic for your website in very less time. First, you need to search your niche then try to figure out which keyword is important for your website and which is not.  In addition, plan about your future readers search and low competition keywords for your business. Segregate the relevant keywords in a excel sheet then begin writing post focusing on these keywords. There is one more factor that should be taken into consideration “Long Tail Keywords”, these keywords are much easier to rank and don’t face enough competition. “Long Tail Pro’ Keywords Research is good for research purpose.

Optimization of Meta Title and Keywords 
You need to optimize title tag and meta tag by bringing it into html section of your webpage.
simply ,copy the mentioned code after head of your website
<title>use keywords in title </title>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>
<meta name=”description” content=”write a description and add keywords “>
<meta name=” mention your keywords here” content=”HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript”>
<meta name=”author” content=”Hege Refsnes”>

Use ALT Tag
This technique works when on images. What you need to do is adding an alt tag into image in such a way that Google blind server can find your image.

Avoid using “click here” or “visit here”
Using alt texts like “click here” or “visit here” is not going to help you increasing the traffic on your website. Google don’t entertain duplicate titles so if you are really concerned about getting higher rank for your website never repeat this mistake ever.

Sharing on social media
One of the common techniques yet helpful to drive traffic and rank better. Using automation tools like dlvr. You can automatically share your website post to various social media networks like twitter and Facebook. In addition, one more thing remember, use the prime time slot i.e., 7 p.m to 8 p.m to share your post because at this slot most of the users remain online.


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