25 Oct 2016

shahid khan

5 financial blunder people generally do in their 30s

5 financial blunder people generally do in their 30s

The moment you start earning is the moment you become independent financially. At this point of your career, all you want to do is spend your money on parties, fun, trips, holidays etc. For some extent it is good also because that’s your money and you deserve it. But earning and spending don’t go in the same way forever. People generally don’t even think about money planning in their 30s.  Taking Investment, savings, insurance policy casually is what people do when they are early earners. So, what happens in the end is these people feel short of money or sometimes run out of no money. The point is they didn’t plan it for the future or the retirement.

Here are 5 common financial mistakes usually done by people at the age of 30s :

1.    Burden of excessive loans

As far as loans are concerned always try to avoid it. Loans may be helpful when you are in emergency or you have no other source to generate the money. But records have shown that people with loans take excessive mental stress that is injurious to their health. Besides, if you have got poor loan record then you have to compromise with your credit score. And unpaid loans degrade your credit score.

2.    Sticking with the traditional finance methods

Financial system has gone too far from its traditional way of functioning. Results shows that online methods are much better than offline methods in every aspect, be it efficiency, pace, security and charges.  This is the time for online insurance plans are mutual funds so you don’t have to pay the commission to your agent. With the advancement in the e commerce sector, internet has come up with mobile /e- wallet which your online wallet is allowing to take the advantage of online shopping. This makes the billing and purchasing much easier. Talking about traditional or manual insurance policies, it is time taking and quite expensive.

3.    Underestimating inflation

If you are thinking that inflation has nothing to do with your future planning then you are mistaken. Inflation will affect your entire budget plans you made for your future. Things are certainly going to get much expensive in future that means you won’t be able to purchase more in the same amount of money instead you are going to get less in the same amount . In order to cope up with inflation factor, proper investment plans should be made. You simply don’t want your retirement to be effected by inflation.

4.    Saying yes to Savings and No to investment

People have this misconception that putting money in a savings account with 4 per cent return is going to help them in retirement. But the fact says that this could be their costliest attempt of the saving. There is a reason for that, with such less return there is no way they are going to survive the inflation in the future. People often ignore investing money but this is the best way they can secure their money with much better returns. Investment in equities is always the win win situation for the investor. This generates the return of 17 % and facilitates you with financial flexibility like tax deduction, transparency and liquidity.

5.    Poor investment

Investment needs lot of research, patience and thinking. If you don’t have these attributes you end up losing a big share of money. It often happens when there is a discrepancy between the price and information told by the agent and the same information told by the actual source.  Little mistake can cost you lakhs and crores and that moment you will have no one to blame except yourself. So better be investigative and clever while investing your hard earned money.

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24 Oct 2016


physiotherapy in frozen shoulder

Physiotherapy in frozen shoulder

Hon, I can't move my shoulder. This is usually the  complaint of a typically 40-60 year old adult telling his wife how he had a history of pain in the shoulder for a while and how it is causing him a loss of mobility now. Imagine the horror situation wherein all your body is intact, you gaze at the table to pick up that delicious piece of kaaju katli, you decide to eat it, you raise your arm forward, turns out you can't. That's how a frozen shoulder patient struggles in life. Although not very debilating , this condition surely renders a normal person, handicapped and thus, needs major attention.

     Frozen shoulder basically is caused due to contraction of the ligament surrounding the shoulder joint. Due to it's contraction, the two bones forming the joint are approximated and thus are restricted for activity. This can be caused due to numerous reasons including trauma, surgery, etc. It can be corrected by surgery but the best method of treatment till date is physiotherapy. The reason being it's better efficacy in treatment accompanied with the non invasive nature. Thus physiotherapy forms the mainstay of treatment of this paralytic condition. Some of the commonly practised exercises are:
-      Pendulum stretch

-      Towel stretch

-      Finger walk

-      Cross body reach

-      Armpit stretch

-      Outward rotation

-      Inward rotation

The best part of physiotherapy would be, the ease at which it comes. The patient has to put minimum labour in the exercises and overtime, the results are brilliant. The reality is, in today's world, the physiotherapist receives a lot more blessings from the patients than what the doctor does. The reason being the physiotherapist has managed to cure and relieve a lot many patients today than what the doctor has. Similar is the case with his role in frozen shoulder. These basic exercise provide a remarkable result with extra ordinary improvement on shoulder function and movement. That being said, it's one of the cheapest and effective modalities available for treatment. Given the cost factor and the efficacy it beholds, the effective output is supra marginal to what surgery has to offer. This is the reason why physiotherapy has almost completely outrun surgery in today's date.
Undoubtedly, physiotherapy is a growing boon to this world of unaided medicine. Physiotherapists,  can easily pick up a minor structural defect, and determine what shall be the best advocated exercise. As far as frozen shoulder is involved, these exercises have shown a wonderful response. Normally, without treatment, it takes about 9-18 months for this condition to resolve. With intervention of physiotherapy, hardly a time of 2-3 months and one can see this ex-patient  throwing ball, bowling over arm and doing every other shoulder activity with utmost liberty. Physiotherapy has made it's mark in this particular condition and is here to stay now.

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                            Yoga in sinusitis

Yogas for the old maa , I aint doing it. One wont be surprised when one hears a teenager say these words out loud. Well , its time this absurd convention needs to be stopped. One of the most common illness, sinusitis, can be very well cured with this magical exercise. Heres how-
Most of the yoga techniques, like kapalbhaarti, aalo-vilom , have a basic functioning mechanism, which essentially target ones airway. The focused inspirational and expirational efforts drives out the bacterial load in your sinuses which is the original cause of sinusitis.
The various aasnas practiced in yoga too, have quite a significance in relief of the sinus tension. Most of the aasnas focus on manipulating the bodys position in such a way that all the fluid in the sinus causing sinusitis is drained out via the nose, by gravity. Thats how yoga works, simple! Isnt it?
Conventions discipline a man to, sort of, * Live by the rules *. It is the need of the hour that these conventions are broken. Like yoga being a practice of the old, there are other apparent conventions which need to be now molded. One of them being, yoga is an exercise for mental health only. That statement holds truth in its entire existence except just that last word. Yoga essentially does provide significant mental health, but thats not just about it. Theres a lot more to it. Sinusitis is one of the common conditions on which yoga has been reinforced and effectively proven its worth , amongst the other innumerable non-mental health benefits. It has now been advocated globally to practice yoga, under second line medical therapy. With the advent of antibiotic resistance, a lot many patients are found today, who dont respond to antibiotics and their sinusitis seems to be just incurable. For such resistant patients and for cancelling the development of this unfortunate resistance, yoga has primely been reinforced in the western countries too. Learning from Indians, the world has now known the benefits of this unmatched exercise and has started exploiting it to the fullest.
Some commonly advocated yoga aasans are

  •      The Plow pose

  •      The Bow pose

  •      -The Headstand

  •         -The Bridge pose

  •         -The Camel pose

All these aasnas basically improve the drainage of the sinusitic fluid and relieve one of pain. The practitioner himself experiences betterment of the excruciating pain and breathing efficiency too. Plus given the ease it has, there shall soon come a day when yoga will become the pioneer of treatment of minor medical ailments. Kids would no longer refer to it as an exercise of the aged. Indian methodology of treatment will soon gain prime importance in medical field, on a global level.

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shahid khan

5 Best tourist spots in Chennai

5 Best tourist spots in Chennai
Chennai may not be very popular when it comes to world class tourist attractions but Chennai has got some really exotic cultural spots which certainly attracts the person visiting places in Chennai.
Here are some really nice places in Chennai which is really worth visiting:

1.   Mylapore

The place is full of cultural historic places that includes the famous 17th century Kapaleeshwarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva , serene Ramakrishna Mutt Temple and neo-Gothic style San Thome Cathedral. Mylapore is well known as the soul of the city and predominated by Brahmins. Mylapore is neighbourhood region of Chennai and counted as one of the oldest residential parts of the city.

2.   Marina Beach

You may not know this but yes Marina beach is the longest (13 kilometres) urban beach in India stretches from Fort Saint George. Like other beaches it also has amusement rides and food stalls and the sunset view are simply amazing. Besides, you will find number of monuments and statues dotted around the beach. There is a lighthouse at the southern end that is itself a centre of attraction. People visit here in thousands daily and hangout with their family and friends. The only disadvantage of this place is that you are not allowed to swim and bath on the beach just because of strong currents.

3.    Fort Saint George

Fort saint George was constructed by British East India Company in 1653. Now, it has been turned into Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and Secretariat. It also consists of Fort Museum and Saint Mary's Church – one of the oldest British made churches. The popular attractions are the paintings, military assets and artifacts from the British period.

4. The Turtle Walk

This place is literally exotic and one of the best places in Chennai. If you love animals then this place would be perfect for you. The place is a breeding area for the endangered olive Ridley turtle. In order to increase the survival of these exotic turtles the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) took the initiative to save these animals. They usually organize walks on Friday and Saturday in order to collect the eggs and preserve them to a hatchery. The walk takes place between Neelangarai beach to Besant Nagar beach.

5.   Cholamandal Artists’ Village

For all you art and culture lovers , this place is just established for you only.  It was founded in 1966 in Injambakkam village on the southern outskirts of Chennai. Cholamandal Artists’ Village is India's largest artists' commune. The best thing about this place is that it was self aided not taken any support from the government.  They have their own land and and even constructed by themselves only. They have theatres, studios, gallery , workshop and houses. You will be flatted once you entered this place. The collection of paintings,artistic work and the sculptures are mind blowing.

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23 Oct 2016

rishabh tripathi

Jugnoo Launches Grocery Delivery Service

On demand auto rickshaw aggregator Jugnoo has gone one more step ahead by launching its new service " Grocery". Under its new product grocery orders will be delivered by auto-rickshaw drivers in their free time. For this service it has tied up with biggest and best wholesalers of the city and has 35,000 SKU's for its grocery service.

What is Jugnoo?

Jugnoo is a chandigarh based on demand auto rickshaw aggregator founded by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal in 2014.

Presently Jugnoo is offering its service across 40 cities in India and is doing 40,000 transactions daily. For its various services Jugnoo has 12,000 autos under its brand. The company is expanding its horizons since its inception and in April this year it has raised $10 Mn in second round of series B funding. Its not only auto rickshaw aggregation that Jugnoo is involved in . With its recently launched services like Fresh, Grocery , Fatafat its expanding its footprints .

Services Offered By Jugnoo

In recently launched grocery service the delivry is done the next day of placing the order between 4pm-8pm. Jugnoo has also introduced another service " Wholesale" which allows its customers to use the daily need items in bulk. It has earlier launched its service " Fresh " offering and delivering fresh fruits and vegetables and it also restarted its hyperlocal delivery service " Fatafat" in may this year.It also plans to launch its express store in December from where it will deliver its grocery services within 2 hrs of placing the order.

Talking about the new service, Samar Singla, founder and CEO of jugnoo said “Post the successful launch of ‘Fresh’, the idea was to enhance our user experience and offer customers an all-inclusive end-to-end solution for all their daily needs. This additional category was a profitable move, as this adds to our overall order size. As a matter of fact, grocery in spite of being a low margin business, has been unit economics profitable for us from day one due to its strategic launch after Fresh. Furthermore, unlike other players in the industry, we have introduced a ‘Wholesale’ category that allows our customers to order their daily use items in bulk and increases ticket size for us.”

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Priyanshi Khari

Land or Apartment :- make a good choice


Today a good question arises, that we should invest in Land or Apartment? which is the best choice? While buying a plot of land gives a bigger opportunity of ownership and on the other hand apartment offers a greater security. Both investment have some merits and demerits, but there are few important points that can help an investor to invest in the best. Buying an independent land/floor means owner can build a house depending on one's own requirement. On other hand, a flat is  redesigned. The flat buyer do not have the freedom to change the shape and size of the construction area, but there is security. Land has an advantage of assured returns, but it usually needs investment in full and there is no choice of taking leverage on the fund. Flats are very easy to buy and the investor can take leverage on its fund.

Building one's own home can be a challenge since many people are involved in the construction activity. You need to be aware right from choosing an Architects to ensuring raw material are used correctly. And also a common problem faced by people is the tendency to stretch the budget. On other hand, with flats a fixed rate has to be paid to builder, the buyer only has to spend on getting the interiors done.


When one has to resale their house, most people who want to buy an independent house will prefer a plot and construct their own house. In case of house, the value will have a direct correlation with the amenities within the house. In case of flats, the value of flats rises as the demand increases. But the houses have higher resale value then flats, as after buying the house person becomes the owner of the land.

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Closing the immunization gap

                            Closing the immunization gap

World immunization week, an all over the week programme executed every year, globally has it’s primary objective endorsed in the aim of making the globe truly immunized. The word * TRULY* derives it’s existence from the fact that there occurs a big difference today, in the apparent world immunisation rate and the one which practically exists. This year, the WHO worked on bridging this difference by launching the programme on 23rd April, 2016
World Immunisation Week basically is a global public health campaign to raise awareness and increase immunisation rates against Vaccine Preventable Diseases. It aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against all kinds of diseases. As it is known, apt immunisation is known to save millions of lives and thus is rightly recognised as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions.

Previously, immunisation weeks were observed in different countries at different times of the year. Starting from 2012, a need for uniformity was observed. There after, every year the WHO comes up with variant  themes. Here are some of the recent ones-

  • -         2012 - Immunisation saves lives
  • -         2013- Protect your world- get vaccinated

  • -         2014- Are you up to date?
  • -         2015-16 – Close the immunisation gap

The year 2015 and 2016 had the same themes implied and turned out to be quite effective.

Immunisation can protect against various types of infectious agents and diseases including diphtheria ,measles, pertussis, polio, tuberculosis, tetanus, etc. Globally, around 2-3 million lives are saved, according to the WHO and this can truly be attributed to Immunisation! However this number is just the tip of the iceberg! There still exists a dying population of around 23 million, which failed to be immunised and thus payed the worthy price. This inadequate immunisation coverage rate is majorly due to limited resources, competing health priorities, poor management of health systems and inadequate surveillance. The World Health Organisation, thus thrives to educate the general population , as to how immunisation saves lives; and to support people everywhere to get the vaccinations needed against these deadly diseases! This motive is well served by the World Immunisation week.

Most of the vaccines used for immunisation are given to the child within the first five years of life, except for certain vaccines such as tetanus, rabies; which are given after the exposure to the infectious agent. The ones given after the 5 year mark are called BOOSTERS. Boosters can be compared to the reserve fuels of a motor vehicle. When the primary fuel expires, the reserve keeps the motor going, so do boosters; when the effect of primary vaccines is terminated, boosters keep the immunity going!

Immunisation has a major role in preventing numerous diseases and protecting life. To exploit such a wonderful potential it harbours, the World Immunisation Week is a powerful weapon for it’s reinforcement. With better social acceptance, vaccine preventable diseases can be completely eradicated, thanks to this programme!
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Priyanshi Khari

Horrible reply's on Chetan Bhagat tweet by common people

Chetan  Bhagat, the celebrity author , is very famous for his book-turned-movie TWO STATES.  Countless give the best credits to the mega-bestselling writer with introducing them to English language fiction and others who are busy in trolling him online- who are not exactly fans of his writing.

 On Monday , Chetan Bhagat tweeted a photo of his just released novel, ONE INDIAN GIRL.  Recently Chetan asked his fans on twitter to send the picture of his new book, with a beautiful backdrop. But the answers were very unexpected.


People on twitter try their best to creative trolling by sending out some of the most brutal replies to Chetan Bhagat's  tweet

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22 Oct 2016

shahid khan

5 Fantastic places to visit in Goa

5  Fantastic places to visit in Goa

Are you a beach lover? If yes, why not trying Goa. Goa has always been a center of attraction for the foreign and domestic tourists. The beaches, climate and resorts everything seems just so perfect that it gives you the glimpse of paradise on earth. Here are 5 best places that you shouldn’t skip when you are in Goa:

1.  Dona Paula:

Dona Paula jetty is a place also known as lovers’ paradise. It is located on the beautiful stretch that lies between three places i.e., Miramar, panjim and Dauna Paula. Apart from the scenic view it gives you the moment to experience the thrilling breeze blows here. The meeting point of the rivers Mandovi and the Zuari i.e., Arabian Sea also attracts the tourists towards itself.

2.  Calangute:

 This Street is quite popular for shopping .Being crowded with number of tourist, the place allows you to have an exciting riding experience and here we are talking about bike riding that you can easily hire from the 2 wheeler rental shops. You can have easy access to number of Restaurants, Cafe’s & Night Clubs on these streets. The famous Tito’s is also there.

3.  Palolem Beach:

 Palolem beach is a complete package for those who are nature lover, food freak, adventure and sports lover. It is situated in southern Goa.  Palolem offers you great eating and beach sports experience. It might be crowded be still much less crowded than other beaches in Goa.

4.  Fort Aguada :

You want to have a look on the entire panjim city and you don’t know where to go so here is the answer- Fort Aguada, this is the perfect place with the lighthouse from where you can have a beautiful view of the entire city. 

Spending lovely evening with your loved ones at this place will be a nicer idea.

5.  Old Goa Churches:

This place seems to have so much connection with the Portuguese culture. Being under the regime of Portugal , the place is left with many Portuguese impressions, like the famous Basilica church which holds the remains of so called the protector of Goa i.e., St. Francis Xavier.  The Old Goa has also been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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