16 Feb 2017


This music video by IIT Roorkee students is simply mind blowing - Shape of You - Ed Sheeran | Music Video by IIT Roorkee

This music video by IIT Roorkee students is simply mind blowing - Shape of You - Ed Sheeran | Music Video by  IIT Roorkee
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11 Feb 2017


PM Modi Jibe at Akhilesh Yadav in UP Rally - Kam nai aapke Karname Bola...

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6 Feb 2017

shahid khan

5 Cool White Hat SEO Techniques That Ranks You Faster

5 Cool White Hat SEO Techniques that Ranks You Faster

Today, we are going to discuss some effective SEO techniques that not only help you in traffic building for your website but also help your website to rank better and faster. In order to achieve a great rank, I recommend you must follow white hat SEO techniques while managing your website and blogs. Online survey shows that first link in search results receives additional 17% clicks. Therefore, this must bother you and you must feel the need to rank higher in these search engines.
Following are given some White Hat SEO mantras that is really worth trying to achieve higher ranks:

Always do a proper research on keywords while building your website
This is one of the most overlooked sides where people neglect the importance of keywords. Keywords if used wisely can increase traffic for your website in very less time. First, you need to search your niche then try to figure out which keyword is important for your website and which is not.  In addition, plan about your future readers search and low competition keywords for your business. Segregate the relevant keywords in a excel sheet then begin writing post focusing on these keywords. There is one more factor that should be taken into consideration “Long Tail Keywords”, these keywords are much easier to rank and don’t face enough competition. “Long Tail Pro’ Keywords Research is good for research purpose.

Optimization of Meta Title and Keywords 
You need to optimize title tag and meta tag by bringing it into html section of your webpage.
simply ,copy the mentioned code after head of your website
<title>use keywords in title </title>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>
<meta name=”description” content=”write a description and add keywords “>
<meta name=” mention your keywords here” content=”HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript”>
<meta name=”author” content=”Hege Refsnes”>

Use ALT Tag
This technique works when on images. What you need to do is adding an alt tag into image in such a way that Google blind server can find your image.

Avoid using “click here” or “visit here”
Using alt texts like “click here” or “visit here” is not going to help you increasing the traffic on your website. Google don’t entertain duplicate titles so if you are really concerned about getting higher rank for your website never repeat this mistake ever.

Sharing on social media
One of the common techniques yet helpful to drive traffic and rank better. Using automation tools like dlvr. You can automatically share your website post to various social media networks like twitter and Facebook. In addition, one more thing remember, use the prime time slot i.e., 7 p.m to 8 p.m to share your post because at this slot most of the users remain online.

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5 Feb 2017

shahid khan

Effective Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself

Effective Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself

Sometimes you feel like to move one step forward but you suppress your feeling and don't do it. You have several things going on in your mind that can be of great benefit but you are afraid to execute it in reality. So, what is stopping you from achieving all your desires?
It is all about confidence. Your lack in confidence results in suppressing all your thoughts, ideas into nothing. You often find confident people happy, healthy and people's person whereas a person lacks in confidence don't have these luxuries.

As a matter of fact, deep inside the heart we all want to live a confident life with no worries. We all want to lead with our ideas. But we don't know how, so here we are with some effective tips to help you in building great confidence in yourself.

Be Positive 

The first step towards achieving confidence is to have a positive approach towards life. You need to be optimistic in order to develop a sense of positivism. Change the way you have been looking things , Try to see your failure as an opportunity, Try to see the good in others, try to appreciate and reward yourself for the good things you have done.

Grooming not only enhances personality but also Confidence

If you think your appearance and dressing don't matter then my friend you are mistaken. Just try it for once, Good sense of dressing, healthy personality will make you more presentable and even more confident than before.

Explore yourself

You are the one who knows your strength and weaknesses. You may me doing the same things again and again as per your habits. And these things could be good or bad. If it's good, not to worry but if it's not, find a way to change it. If you think you are not helping yourself then you may seek help from your family and friends. Once you overcome these bad things in you, you will become confident than before.

Never wait for another day to act

Suppose, you have an exam next week and you study at the night just before the exams. Well, this is not how it works. You need to prepare yourself weeks before the examination date. If you keep making efforts from the beginning, you don't need to put extra stress just before the exams. So keep preparing and make yourself ready for every situation. Confident people don't believe in last minute preparation.

 Initiate Talking with people

Usually, people hesitate to talk with people around them. Well, there is nothing wrong with it but talking really helps in confidence building. If you feel shy to talk with the people, you can overcome this habit by talking to a girl. It will certainly boost your confidence to a newer level and you will find that it is fun talking with people and making new friends.

Believe in yourself and don't care about the world

Stick to your principles and never let anyone tell you that you should live your life their way. Suppose you don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes but your peers do it and they want you to embrace the same. Then, you don't have to listen to them because you have principles that you feel is great so, just keep believing in yourself and you will see how good it will turn out to build your confidence. And please never bother about how world is going to judge because they won't be there for you.

Always feel thankful to the God and help the needy ones

I have seen people with money and everything, yet unhappy. Whatever you got, you should be thankful to the God and in return you should help the needy people. You may be not having enough money but at least you can provide a supper for poor kids once in a while and it will make you feel good.

Try new habits 

There are millions of things to try in the world. Why not trying any of them? You may begin with doing exercises, teaching poor kids, volunteering for environmental activities etc. New habits means meeting new people and this leads to socialization.  And this helps in you sharing your ideas and thoughts with different people.

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3 Feb 2017

shahid khan

5 Trending Online Proofreader Tools For Quality Writing

5 Trending Online Proofreader Tools For Quality Writing
I have always discussed how your blog or website content plays a great role in attracting readers. Being a blogger, I feel the pressure of maintaining the quality of my content. As said “Never compromise with the quality of your content”, it becomes our duty to put an extra effort while writing and proof reading. In this article, we will be focusing on the importance of Proofread for blogs and website content. We often forget or overlook to proofread our blogs but we don't realize this is how we are compromising the quality of our work.

Following are the tips you must follow while proofreading your content:
  •    Proofreading your blogs/ website ensures that your content is error free and  rich.
  •    Proofreading ensures you to correct all sorts of grammatical errors in your  writing. In case you remember something, you can add it later.
  •    Always take break after finishing your writing and before proofreading it.
  •    Proofreading works best in calm and composed surrounding where you are  allowed to focus on your content.
  •    Always take help from Online Proofreader Tools.

Online Proofreader Tools are of great help to eliminate the errors in your writing work.

Following are mentioned some great tools you must use for error free writing:


Grammarly is the ultimate Proofreader tool to find errors in your writing. It shows the errors in the form of spelling and grammar and allows you to replace the error with the correct words suggested by it. You can either upload your content file or just copy paste the entire article from your document to Grammarly. It also comes with web browser extension to make it easy for the writers to Proofread online.

Polishmywriting is more enhanced tool as it segregates the suggestion or error using 3 different colours I.e., Red, Blue and Green. Red colour indicates spelling mistakes, Blue colour signifies style suggestions and Green is for grammatical mistakes. Besides, the active passive suggestion feature is cool and really helps.

Ginger is also a proofreading tool but what makes it different from others is that it locate “article error” (a, an, the) in your writing. Ginger has got extension too for quick proofreading.

Slick Write

Slick write is more professional tool than any other mentioned tool above. It is capable to analyze to entire writing work in detail with filler words, phrases, adverbs, unique words, preposition etc. Slick write can certainly help you in monitoring the level of your writing.


PaperRater is more like Slick write but some features like checking Article title , Overall rating of your work like style, word choice and vocabulary etc makes it a better proofreader tool.

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2 Feb 2017

shahid khan

6 Fantastic Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

6 Fantastic Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

The sole purpose of any website is to inform the audience or traffic about their product. Therefore, the primary objective of any website is to engage more and more people to the website and hold them with your website for a longer period. Apart from information, Website helps you in earning through the traffic on the websites, larger the traffic better the amount you are going to earn. Ultimately, we are concerned about the website traffic.
Well, it's not a big deal to bring new audience or readers to your website, and also you don't have to spend the single penny to build traffic on your website as we have some really fantastic ways for you that will help you in building great traffic for the website.

Simply follow the fantastic ways mentioned below:

Roundup Post
When you promote or talk about the influencer with same niche through your website or blogs, and in return they do the same is known as Roundup Post. It is more like exchanging favours and building relationships to gather massive traffic.

Tweet and viral
Undoubtedly, Twitter holds more than 10 million users so if this platform is used smartly it could do wonders for your website.  What you need to do is link your website with Twitter and make a tweet that can go viral and attract millions of users to your website.

Facebook is always there
Well Facebook is the biggest social networking site on this planet with largest social networking users. According to the survey, people spend more time on Facebook than any other site. Use this as an opportunity, make a Facebook page, and install a LikeBox button so that people can reach to you and become your Facebook fan. It will also help you in earning a good amount of money.

Domain name counts
You may have never thought about this before but your domain name really matters. An ideal domain name is capable to attract your audience. .com has its own reputation among online readers..
E.g-.Org, .in is some commonly used domain by website owners.

Utilize Youtube
Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google so it has enough potential to build a massive traffic for your website. All you need to do is create a Youtube channel, shoot interesting videos and upload it on your channel. Add call to action for your audience so that they can visit your website. Use Youtube optimization techniques by mentioning a link back to your website.  Also, use relevant keywords, video responses to make it more appealing among viewers.

Out of the box content
When I say out of the box, I really mean it. If you have a unique, interesting and epic content, nobody can stop you from bringing the bulk traffic to your website.

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1 Feb 2017

shahid khan

4 Reasons to try MyThemeShop for your WordPressThemes

         4 Reasons to try MyThemeShop for WordPress Themes


Most of us prefer free word press themes over premium themes. But, what I am going to tell you may alter your preference. There are many reasons why you should not prefer free word press theme and rather go for premium and paid themes. Let me make it easier for you. Free WordPress themes don't provide you the following features features which premium themes do:

  •  Premium themes are well coded whereas free themes are not.
  • Premium themes offer you priority support whereas free themes don't.
  • You receive regular updates while using Premium themes whereas you don't get any update while using free WordPress themes.

And the best place to look for premium themes is MyThemeShop. The reason why I prefer them is because they always come up with some quality WordPress themes in an affordable budget.

Following are the reasons that makes MyThemeShop is an ideal place to buy your WordPress  themes:

Perfectly Coded Themes
MyThemeShop offers well coded themes to its users. The quality of coding matches with the commercial standard and makes it 100 times better than free themes. MyThemeShop knows the important of coding to make it perfect for its users. They are always available with new updates and make changes to make it compatible with the updated version of WordPress .

These Are the Few Best Selling Theme from MyThemeShop -
1. SociallyViral -  One of the Most Theme Ever from MyThemeShop.
2. Scheme Theme  - You can Find this Theme At Various Website Related to Personal Blog, Finance Etc. 
3. One Page - Most Used Theme by Small Business Websites 

Other New Themes
1. Corporate Theme  
3. JustFit Theme

You can Exlplore Complete Themes Here - All Themes by MyThemeShop

It Offers Your Themes Priority Support
MyThemeShop provides their user with priority support which  helps the non coders in resolving the issues related with coding.

 Best themes for your wordpress blog

It Caters Your SEO Needs.
You may not know this but your blog themes affect the rating of your domain. In regards of SEO, Poorly coded themes are likely to encounter penalty with no elevation in ranking. MyThemeShop provides you themes which are SEO friendly.

Remarkable Design
If you are concerned about the appearance of your blog then you don't compromise with the blog design. And MyThemeShop offers you premium themes that matches your niche and taste. They have huge range of best looking themes that are simply worth buying. Check this cool sensational theme , marvelous isn't it? 

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30 Jan 2017

shahid khan

All You Need To Know About Blogging Search Engine Optimization

All You Need To Know About Blogging Search Engine Optimization

You have a website and want to make it popular among online audience. This is when SEO is used; SEO is something that helps to improve the ranking of your website on Google search results. Now let me tell you how exactly SEO works, SEO are an automatic algorithms developed by Google. There are spiders, send out to crawl on the websites by the system to check it on or above 100 indicators(domain age fresh content, traffic and Backlinks etc ) to ensure if the website is valuable or not. SEO is the technique of making these spiders satisfied with the website.
Some Helpful Tips for Blogging SEO
Get Your Own Domain and Hosting
Freebies don’t last too long so is your free blog set-ups. In order to make a good beginning you need to buy a registered domain and hosting. Registered domain and hosting favours your SEO efforts.
Original Content Is the Ultimate Solution
Google never compromises with the quality and doesn’t let the users suffer.  This is way, it is suggested that content should be crafted and designed in a manner that customers don’t have to struggle with search results, keywords and relevant information. Content incorporated in the form of Videos, Photography and Podcast to form a relationship with readers and resolving their issues. Once you follow this tip, you can find faster and better results on the SERPS (search engine rankings positions).
Backlink helps you in expanding your audience
In case, you are wondering what Backlink is about, Blacklink is basically a term when another website mention your website link in their page or say they link back to the website from their site.

Always Use SEO Optimized Theme
SEO Optimization of theme is essential if you want Google indicators to believe that your site is trustworthy and valuable. It makes it easy for Google to locate your content. In addition, your optimization should be done in such a manner that it is mobile responsive, cleanly coded and fast loading pages.
Work on permalink structure
Permalinks is a terminology  used about how people see your blogsite and its internal pages  and posts . Permalinks contains  an extension and a root .
Example ;   ROOT: blogtyrant.com/
                      EXTENSION: beginnger-blogging-seo/
Sitemap Installation
Google Sitemap plug-in is required for sitemap installation. Sitemap provides an entire map of everything present on your site be it posts, archives and pages. It generates the sitemap at regular intervals and then submits it to Google, Bing, etc. on site owner’s behalf. It is like offering a map of your site so they can index it in a better way. 
Do Comment on various other blogs
Commenting on other blogs is one of the useful SEO techniques to receive more traffic, build relationships with new sites and an opportunity to expose your work. It may also consider as a backlink.

Go for SEO plugins
If you are using Wordpress then you can enjoy some cool plugins that you can install and get some assistance with SEO work. All in one SEO pack is one the most popular plugins that helps you do some crazy things with your blog.

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28 Jan 2017

shahid khan

5 Ways to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

5 Ways to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

We all know the importance of Youtube in this digital era where millions of people around the world accessing millions of videos every day. No other Video website is even close to Youtube that only makes it stronger than its competitors do.  I know it is not easy to get a good rank on Youtube for your videos but there are ways to ease this problem, smart optimization of your videos on Youtube will end you up in enjoying better ranks for your videos on Youtube.

Before proceeding any further, we want you to notice several factors, which determine video ranking on Youtube.

Onsite Factors
Onsite factors include Relevant Keywords, Video Tags, Title, Video Description, Thumbnails, Video Transcript and Channel Authority.

Offsite Factors
Offsite factors include Views and Video Retention, Comments, Subscribes, Shares, Favorites, Thumbs Up/Down and Backlinks .
Following are the steps you must follow to rank you’re your videos higher on YouTube Search Results:

·        Boost the views on your Youtube videos

In order to increase views on your Youtube videos you need to cover larger area of social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest and various other networks to post your Youtube video/video link.  Besides, you can also use Quora and Email newsletter to promote your Youtube video to reach out to potential audience.

·        Optimization of  Video Title and Description using Relevant Keywords

Your video title and description should be structured in such a way that it includes all the relevant keywords and phrases. In addition, title should be set for minimum five words so that you can include the entire keyword in it.  As far as the description is concerned, 250 word description (where the keyword must be incorporated in the first 25 words of the entire description) is considered as an ideal word limit mentioning the key words for three or four times.              

·          Optimization of  Video Tags

Video tags are more like Keywords for your videos defining the content of your videos using words. Always use a relevant tag to your video so that the viewers can figure it out what the video contains.  Six to eight video tags for your videos are totally considerable and ideal.

·        Ask your viewers to Like, Subscribe and Comment on Your Youtube Video.
This is one of the common and effective strategies used by the Youtube Channels to rank higher on Youtube. Always use the call-to-action button (Like, Subscribe and Comment) to hold your existing viewers and gaining extra views on your videos.

·        YouTube Analytics can help you in to monitor the Performance of Your Video
Youtube Analytics tool is a monitoring system that tells you everything about the performance of your video. Youtube analytics tool tells you about the sites that have embedded your videos in their blog and site. You can use this opportunity to insist these sites to embed your latest videos in future.It allows you to have a check on your video’s retention rate.  Analytics tool keeps a track about how long your video is watched by viewers and also let you know about which point viewers stopped watching the video.
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26 Jan 2017

shahid khan

8 Ways to Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page

8 Ways to Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page
No wonder you want more and more people like FB posts on your Facebook page and expand your page followers. And more follower definitely means your page is getting popular among the Facebook audience. To boost “likes” on your FB page, you need to follow some simple ways that will help you in getting the greater number of likes:

 Always write quality post
Nobody likes to read boring, uninteresting and poor content while quality posts are the refined and interesting content structured in such a way that it catches the reader’s attention. So, always design a quality post for your page.

 Keep posting regularly
If you want to maintain the flow of likes on your Facebook page then you need to keep posting on your page regularly. This will help your page to hold your existing followers and gain new followers.

Choose a suitable time to post
Not every time is good to communicate with your followers so the best time post is either prime time i.e., 9 PM or during holidays when they are free.

Incorporate images into your posts
Graphics and images increase the chances of your page to receive additional attention for your non-existing followers. Use catchy, funky and appealing images with your posts so that it grabs the attention of your new followers and leading them to like your page.

 Add videos in your posts
Like I said how images could be advantageous in getting extra likes from new followers in the same way Video also escalates the appeal of your page, an interesting and unique video related to your FB posts will give you more likes for sure.

SEO is helpful
SEO is helpful in improving the ranking of page ranks on Google search page. Using proper keywords and SEO tools, you can help yourself in promoting your page among potential FB users seeking for the same information related to your posts

Leave your FB page URL in your blogs
You may have a blog, which deals with the content related to the Facebook page. Therefore, you can cash out your blog to promote your Facebook by embedding your FB page link, which will help you in getting new followers.  Besides, Quora is another medium through which you can do the same for fulfilling your motive.

Keep Sharing
To reach maximum likes on your Facebook page, the simplest way is to keep sharing your page on different social networking sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp and many more networks and social discussion forums.

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24 Jan 2017

shahid khan

Avail Free Jio Data Services @ Rs 100 Now: Three More Months Added to Jio Free Service Scheme

Avail Free Jio Data Services @ Rs 100 Now: Three More Months Added to Jio Free Service Scheme

It seems like Jio 4G has no plan to stop as this time they are back with another special offer that you can never refuse. “Free Jio 4G services have been extended until 30 June 2017". Though this offer is not entirely free, it will cost you some money but Rs 100 is not something you can always pay to enjoy Jio free data services. Reliance Jio will be charging Rs 100 for data services only while calling and messaging services will be free. Earlier, Jio was offering happy New Year, scheduled till 31 march and after this new offer the services will be extended 3 more months I.e., 30 June 2017.

There are several milestones Jio has achieved being as telecom operator which is worth noticing. Read the following achievements:

* Jio has 72 million users.

* Within 80 days (since 5 September) Jio made 80 crore happy customers.
* Lakhs of new Jio subscriber daily.

Jio made it tougher for other telecom operators to compete. Rest of the telecom operators have been bound to slash their tariffs and data charges so that they can regain their customers. Even Telecom giants like Airtel and Vodafone had to suffer a lot as their customers slipped into Jio 4G network. Jio six month free trial pack literally disturbed the business of other telecom operators and after this new 3-month extended offer it's going to be an extremely hard competition to these operators.

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13 Jan 2017

shahid khan

Best Prepaid Plan Offer in 2017

Best Prepaid Plan Offers in 2017

We all know how Reliance Jio 4G brought the revolution in the telecom sector. Jio literally created the storm for the rest of the telecom companies in India and the storm is still going on. Considering the Jio free plans big telecom companies like Vodafone and Airtel also stepped in the arena to give a tough competition to Jio. Not only Airtel and Vodafone are affected but also the other telecom companies like Idea, Aircel, BSNL etc were affected too. In order to survive the Jio storm, other companies had to come up with something cheaper that’s why Airtel and Vodafone launched their special 4G plans. Airtel came up with infinity plan whereas Vodafone introduced double data plan with free calls, sms and extra data benefit.

With all these new special plans coming from different mobile operator one thing is for sure that the customer is the one who is going to enjoy these benefits provided you chose the right prepaid plan. We have sorted out the various prepaid plains from different mobile operator; all you want to do is look into it and choose the best plan suited to your pocket:

Prepaid Plans Under 150

Data (Mb/Gb)
Voice Call
100 Mb
45 Mb
45 Mb


750 Mb
1 Gb

1 Gb (60 days)
A to A (Unlimited)
A to O
(15,000 sec)

         Prepaid Plans above 299

            Prepaid Plans above 499 

Prepaid Plans above 999 
For most of the plans, Jio seems dominating as it is offering free calls and sms service to its customers but that is not it. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Aircel are trying their best to provide best plans to the customers and regain their hold on the telecom market again. Jio’s happy New Year offer is going to end in March so until then mobile operators are leaving no stones unturned to attract the customers with their plans.  

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