28 Nov 2016

shahid khan

Blogging beyond WordPress and Blogger

Blogging beyond WordPress and Blogger

In the world of blogging only two blogging platforms are widely known to the blog users and that is WordPress and Blogger. Now is the time to explore beyond these mainstream blogging platforms that are way too cooler, smarter and more user friendly.

Here are some cool alternatives for your new blogging experience:


Tumblr is the best alternative blogging platform and it is not like your regular blogging site as it is way much cooler than other blogging sites. It may seem like a little mixture of twitter and WordPress but that is not a matter to be concerned. Tumblr is more like a social networking site and it is perfect place for the social media lovers who simply love to explore. The user interface is really nice and it keeps you engaged with the site. This blogging platform uses more of pictures and less number of words so, if you are cook or fashion blogger and want to post pictures instead of using words, Tumblr is the perfect choice.


Medium seems like a magazine which deals with some serious blogging. It is designed for the bloggers who believes in niche writing and serious writing. If you are blogging on Medium then your name will be listed as an author and if your too are good at writing then you may get the opportunity to be featured on the leading pages of your niche. Medium is highly recommended for those who want to promote their writing skills and get attention from the amazing community of serious readers, critics and writers.  Besides it is also used by former US president Barack Obama.


Weebly is a blogging cum website builder site. Weebly is basically known for developing websites with easy to use features. Unlike the complex method of building websites Weebly is in fact the simplest way of creating and designing features and it allows the user to drag and drop different elements to build a beautiful web page. For blogging, you need to sign up on Weebly for free or can buy paid domain and enjoy bunch of themes which makes your blog look good. In short Weebly is the best way to create a blog block by block without any additional expense on website designer.


Ghost is a “WordPress killer”. And by saying this we mean Ghost is the future of blogging. It is a concept that gave birth to the open-source blogging platform and capable of providing more enhanced blogging experience than WordPress. Talking about the competition Ghost has to work really hard in order to beat WordPress and Blogger. Above all, Ghost gives you the exciting and wonderful blogging experience and may be some day it can be become the leading blogging platform for the bloggers.