18 Oct 2016


6 Bad Habits That Will Kill Your Beauty

Everyone in daily life use to do several methods for looking beautiful , but we are not aware that our bad habits kills our look the most. Here are some bad habits that will help you to improve your bad habits for looking beautiful.

           1. CHEWING/LICKING YOUR LIPS :- This is one of the famous habits in today's generation which is very harmful for your looks as it makes your lips more drier and chapped, and this habits makes you to lick your lips again and again. To avoid this bring a good lip balm for yourself and apply it whenever you feel dryness .

           2. SQUEEZING PIMPLES :- When ever to pop a pimple, it burst and releases bacteria which comes in contact with the rest of the skin and you get pimple all over the skin. Therefore this habit of squeezing pimples causes dark scars on your skin. To avoid this you should use neem soap or ignore your pimple.

      ii   3.NAIL BITING :- Nail biting is one of the serious issue in all Indians, excessive nail biting turns into infections and also your hand will look ugly due to cuticle biting. Prevent this habit and try to ignore nail biting.
           4. SMOKING :- Smoking makes your skin dry and rough. It also losses your skin so QUIT SMOKING .

       5.NOT REMOVING MAKE UP BEFORE SLEEPING :-  Make up closes your skin pores and oil glands which makes difficult to breathe and also causes more acne. So remove all your make up with gulab jal or make up remover before going to bed .

           6.INADEQUATE SLEEP :- Inadequate sleep is most harmful for your skin as it releases the stress hormone in the body. Try to get enough sleep.