16 Oct 2016


Amazon Launches Global Store In India

The E-commerce giant , Amazon has announced to launch it's global store in India which will facilitate shopping of products from it's US website, amazon.com, and pay in the local currency. The global store will offer the products and brands which are not available in India and are eligible to be shipped to India.

 Earlier the Indian customers wanting to buy the product on it's US website had to pay in dollars and that too on a condition that the seller was ready to ship the product but now the global store will offer a selection from a range of brands on its american website and will allow to pay in Rupees and thus making the process easy and reliable. As per the reports the prices will be inclusive of import duties and other taxes and also the most sought after payment option Cash On Delivery (COD) will not be provided for the same.

According to official reports Amazon currently offers 4 million products across 12 categories but after the launch of the global store the product offering would reach 85 million.Amazon has earlier launched its global store in Mexico and China.For now , only products from the US website will be available on the global store in India , but if the response and sales is good then more countries like UK and similars will be added.
The launch of global store is one of the initiatives taken by the amazon in the past few months.
Earlier in January 2016 it launched its pilot programme of delivering good in the radius of 3-5 kms by cycles.In February it launched "amazon tatkal" which allows small and medium businesses to sell their products on its platform. In July it launched its biggest fulfillment centre in Sonipat and also launched its prime service "amazon prime . Also there is "Amazon Pantry" which offers grocery and household items and delivers the order in one day.

If the reports are to be believed then Amazon is going to invest $3 billion in India in the next few years.