28 Oct 2016


To dearest ex-best friend

People come, stay and go. Nothing in this world is permanent and as you grow you need to deal with it, slowly and gradually you understand this.

As a teenager everybody has a person called as "best friend". Some people have a best friend who stays and for some these kinda people drift away.

Here is a beutiful letter to anyone's ex-best friend conveying no harsh feelings, just a bit of gratitude for lessons taught and that unending love one has.

I wish that you remember me. Do you remember that we were inseparable. No one would’ve expected it to go this way, but that’s okay, You helped me through awkward, tough, and uncomfortable times. You were my rock, when I needed stability and my laugh when I was crying. Thank you for being you. You are genuine, kind, and selfless.
But, I’m sorry. I’m sorry we grew apart. We used to mesh so well, but we lost our synchronization so randomly. One day we were laughing at our constant inside jokes and the next we weren’t prioritizing our friendship. But, I don’t have any hostile feelings.
You were the best part of my past. I will look back on our friendship and hope my kids have a friend like I had in you.
Our memories used to sting, but now I enjoy going through the countless pictures. We both have gone down separate paths, but we’re positively thriving. Keep doing your thing!
I can’t even refer to you as an ex-best friend because that’s far from the truth. We are simply best friends who drifted. So no matter the time that passes, if you ever need anything just know I’ll always be here.
I may not understand your facial expressions anymore and I may not be the person you tell everything to anymore, but that’s okay. I had my time in that position and now someone else will be blessed with your radiance.
You had such a positive impact on me when I needed it most. I’m so thankful you were part of that chapter of my life. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it through some of the most horrendous days.
Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the ridiculous pictures. Thank you for the endless photoshoots. Thank you for providing me with a second family. Thank you for your support. Thank you always for being my best friend.
Love always,
Your Friend Forever