29 Oct 2016


Story Of A Heart Attack!


We often come across many situations in our daily life wherein we hear incidences of people, dying of heart problems. Our relatives, close and distant, neighbours, friend's, or any one for that sake, at times bid their goodbye to mother earth, dying of a heart condition. The subject of curiosity is, many of these people, a lot of times, mention occurence of some typical symptoms within them, when they have one such incidence, ofcourse this being spoken for the ones who have managed to survive an attack or any heart condition of the same likes.

 Here are a few symptoms which should alarm you about an underlying heart condition :
-      Chest pain : this is the most common presenting symptom of an impending heart attack. The chest  pain can be continuous or maybe be intermittent. Typically, it increases on exertion and is minimal on rest. As described by the patients, it's as if someone's has put one's fist right into their chest, or as if there's a heavy object throbbed into their chest wall. Though not a confirmatory marker of a heart disease, it's occurence is quite a few times associated with heart diseases.

-      Excess fatigue -  especially when you do a little bit of strenuous work, which normally wouldn't have had been a problem, but now presents with excessive gasping. A typical example would be, climbing the stairs. The patient would classically mention this example wherein he / she would normally take those two flights of stairs to work without any discomfort but now prefer taking the elevator because of excess fatigue and breathlessness on climbing .


-      Peripheral bluing -  again, not very specific for heart diseases, but is a definite finding in severe heart diseases wherein the pumping efficiency of the heart is compromised. The heart therefore is unable to pump the oxygenated blood and thus the organs are deficit of the needed oxygen.


-      Chest Pain radiating to left shoulder: this is a very typical finding seen in a patient with heart diseases like angina or an impending heart attack. The pain as described by the patient, starts off from the chest, typically on the left side, and progresses towards the left shoulder tip. It can work out the other way round,too.

-      Syncope- a medical word, translating  to attacks of loss of consciousness, exacerbated by heavy strenuous work, exercise, etc. This happens because the heart, when subjected to extra work, is unable to pump efficient blood to the body, eventually the blood supply to the brain is hampered, and the person loses consciousness


-      Atypical symptoms : they include blurring of vision, acidity, nausea vomiting,  peripheral edema. These symptoms are seen in a lot many other conditions too and thus are highly non-specific.

If one has a feeling he's suffering from majority of these symptoms, he should ideally consult a doctor as soon as possible. Neglecting these events is highly unadvised as they may be the just the tell tale markers, of an impending heart  attack