16 Nov 2016


Learn How to use Jio in Your 3G Phone

Learn How to use Jio in Your 3G Phone

If you are still wondering why can’t you enjoy Jio free data services in your 3G phone? Well then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. What if I say you can use Reliance Jio in you 3G phones as well. Yes my friends it is possible but in order to get the Jio sim work in your phone you need to perform some trick with your phone. These tricks are worth trying and even if it doesn’t work there is always another alternative. So let’s get started.

  • ·        First and foremost you need to have an activated Jio sim.
  • ·        Now you must download Xorware switcher and Xorware interface app (Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher).
  • ·        Open the applications and look for the network settings.
  • ·        Select the network mode to 4G LTE and click on apply.
  • ·        Shut down your phone and restart it again.
  • ·        Now, switch ON your phone and insert your Jio sim in the phone.
  • ·        And finally you will find that Jio is working in your 3G phone.

As I mentioned above that in case the above method doesn’t work in your phone then you can try the alternative method. Below is the other trick you can also try in your 3G phone.  This trick only works on Qualcomm Chipset phones and more likely to work on the updated versions of Android OS like Kitkat and the following versions.

  • ·        Download Shortcut Master (Lite) from Google play store.

  • ·        Install and open the application.

  • ·        Now click on the menu and search for “Engineering Mode” “Or “Service Menu”

  • Select the selection app and open it.
  • If you reached to the Engineering Mode then open it and Choose Change LTE Bands.
  • In case you are failed at this step dial *#2263# and select the menu.
  • Now reach to the Key Input and enter “0000” with no quotes, after then wait for few seconds and Popup will be displayed.
  • Go to the UE settings and after that Select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”.
  • It is finally done now insert your Jio sim in the first sim slot of your 3G phone.

  • Restart the phone and start enjoying Jio services on your phone.