17 Nov 2016


Men, The Real Victims

       Men's health

          Women being stronger than men has been a forever taboo and it doesn't seem to be fading away. Men have been targeted for a lot many conditions particularly which may severely debilitate their existence. Majority of Cancers have predominantly found their roots in the Male population. Injury due to trauma too, has men as it's major victim. This international health day, on 19th December 2016,the WHO aims to put some light of day on the problems men face and chip in,  a way out.
          Men will be men. Men know the outcomes of a possible activity, when death in an unhealthy way, still they won't resist and might as well take the risk. This is probably the reason why men have majorly outnumbered the women all over the globe, when it comes down to injury due to trauma or accident. This same hypothesis can also be justified in men's predilection to resorting to substances abuses like alcohol, cigarettes, etc. 

Why do men resort to these options ?

        Increase in the life's stress puts men in a troublesome situation, especially in countries like India where traditions dictate that the man of the house is the head of the house. Any minor increment in the daily life difficulties puts the head of the  family in a lot bigger place of trouble, given the fact that he won't have any company to share this extended work load with. 
           This stress might not be coped up with, very well, by everyone and such males resort to weaker alternatives like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes which only add up to the existing misery. Smoking increases the chances of lung cancer while alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing liver cell failure. Thus, the male  exploits his own health  succumbing to the family pressure and has his health compromised. 

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        International men's day, on 19th November, aims to put the light of day on these situations working up in the families, especially in countries like India. Why such situations drive one to resort to * stress relieving * alternatives and why shouldn't one deviate themselves to such addictions. Rather, counselling to abate from these addictions and alternatives to dealing with these situations are explained. Other than that, how males are pre exposed to various other diseases, due to genetic predisposition needs to be understood. The society needs to understand this and it's only possible via mass media and education. With this objective in mind, the WHO has made an effort to improve the social enlightement of the topic. Only with social help, can this be secured.