5 Nov 2016


Some useful tips to withdraw money from the ATM

Some useful tips to withdraw money from the ATM

 There is no denying the fact that most of the people prefer ATM over manual cash withdrawal system. There are various reasons why people avoid going banks and withdraw money from there and some of them are as follows:

  • ·        You don’t want to stand in a queues for longer hours in order to withdraw your cash.
  • ·        Technical errors like Server problem, slow internet connection and System errors that is surely going to create a problem for you.
  • ·        Banking holidays and schedule won’t allow you to enjoy the cash withdrawal service 24 *7 like ATM.
But there are some people who still believe in the traditional banking system and they have their reasons as they think ATM is not secure and find it difficult to operate.

So, as a permanent ATM user we want these traditional people to try ATM service as it has many advantages as compared to withdrawing cash from bank. We have some useful tips for the existing and new ATM users and they are as follows:

·        First and the foremost you must have a bank account and ATM card.

·        While entering your nearest ATM and make sure no one is around you so that your transaction details remain safe.

·        Now it’s time to insert your ATM card, at this step you need to insert your card properly so that code from the magnetic strip is decrypted correctly.

·        After inserting the card, you choose the language and enter the 4 digit password. For language you have to choose it accordingly but as far as password is concerned you must be very confident while entering the pin in case you don’t remember the pin please don’t try to enter any random pin as it may block your card.

·        At this step you see the Choose Transaction Type option and you simply have to touch on Cash withdrawal ignoring the rest of the options.

·        Next option is Choose Your Bank Account Type. It is either Savings or Current, so choose accordingly.

·        At this step you have to enter the amount. If you are first timer hen always remember that ATM only contains the notes of 100, 500 and 1000. So there is no way you can put 50, 10, and 20 with the withdrawal amount. Some banks have cash withdrawal limits like you can with draw only 25,000 in a single day while some banks may allow the customer to withdraw more than that.

·        Last but not the least, at this step you receive the amount. You may or may not receive the receipt as it depends upon the receipt option you chose while entering the amount. And always cancel your login screen after withdrawing cash from the ATM for the safety concern.