14 Dec 2016


5 Android Apps That Can Earn You Real Money

5 Android Apps That Can Earn You Real Money

Ever thought of earning some money through your Android app? If not, get ready to make some money for yourself. Making money online through your computers is an old business now as Android apps let you earn some real money for performing simple tasks. And these tasks are so simple that you can do it anytime, anyplace as per your convenience. 

We have shortlisted 5 such applications that pay you real money. Here they are:

Squad Run

Squad Run is on the top of our list. Squad Run is easy to use made especially for Indian users. Squad Run gives you the list of task known as mission that you need to finish. After you finish the task you earn squad coins. These coins can be redeemed for payUmoney or you have the choice to move it to your paytm wallet. And also you can transfer the money from paytm wallet to your bank account. Sign up for this app using your Facebook account and verify your mobile number. And the best thing is you earn 600 squad coins just for joining.


Moocash is even simpler than squad Run. Moocash is basically a screen locker that pays the user to just unlock the mobile screen by swiping left to avail the offer.
Moocash users earn coins which they need to redeem into cash using PayPal and Google reward card. In order to claim the moo offer you need to download the promoted apps or watch a video clip. 2000 coins will let you earn 2$ via PayPal.


If you are willing to dedicate your time in health and fitness then Pact can earn you some real money. All you need to do set your goals and if achieve your goals you get the money but if you don't you have to pay the money those who achieved their fitness goals.
Pact is certainly not for those who are lazy and afraid of commitment.

ESPN Streak

ESPN Streak involves some really big cash amount. If you are a sports freak and have prediction skills then you may win that grand amount. All you need to do is predict the winner of a sports championship, if you get your prediction correct you are going to win over $1.2 million cash. Interesting isn't it?


Viggle pays you for watching tv programs and listening music. All you need to do is recognize your favourite TV show or music and you instantly receive your reward points. There is another feature called Viggle Live which lets you earn by answering questions or polls based on the live show. These reward points can be redeemed for gift cards.