31 Oct 2016




Want to try something experimental with your android phone?

We know you are excited about doing experiments with your phone. That’s why we came up with 6 Smartphone hacks that not only make your phone cooler but also more productive with added features.  With the USB OTG feature you can explore variety of features which you have never even thought of.

Here are 6 ways to make your android phone cooler than ever:

Connecting Android device with Keyboard and mouse

 I know the idea sounds quite unusual but the best part is you can actually do that. It often happens when you get frustrated while typing some long document on your phone. Don’t get frustrated as we know how it feels like to type with those small buttons in your phone. All you need to do is get yourself an android supported Keyboard which generally has a USB support for phones. It will solve all your issues, you can type an entire letter on MS word or prepare a chart on excel.

Connect to Play

Have you ever tried playing Survey surfer, Temple run with Game controllers? If not, what are you waiting for? The fun becomes max when you connect your phone with game controllers like joystick through USB OTG.

Touch to print

Consider a situation, you need a print out and you don’t have a laptop and desktop. In that case how will you help yourself? USB OTG features solves all your problems, it allows you to connect your android phone with the printer. The later part is just to select the file you want to print and touch on the print option and then you get a print out generated from the printer.

Plug & Play the music

It eases your way to play music on musical instruments. It’s quite similar to the traditional Plug and Play feature but what’s new here is the Android technology which offers you exciting musical applications through which you can change the definition of tradition music system. Simply produce the music on your Android device with the support of MIDI controller apps using musical instruments.

When your phone controls your DSLR camera

 If you ever want to try controlling DSLR camera through your android device just download the DSLR Controller application. Rests of the things are simple provided you know the peculiarities of using DSLR. The application provides you with features like adjust zoom control, focus, ISA, shutter speed and lot many other features through your phone itself.

Useful USB tools and accessories

Apart from the features we discussed above, there are multiple USB OTG accessories which are available in the market and fortunately, they have been a great advantage to the Android users. Some of these accessories are Selfie stick, LED light, and Microphones etc.