26 Dec 2016


Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger VWordPress 

There is always an argument about which blogging platform is best between Wordpress and BlogSpot. Well, there are various other blogging platforms but usually people prefer using these two blogging platforms. Talking about the comparison between these two, both are perfectly fit for the blogging purpose but there are several feature and limitations which makes them different from each other. And we are going to discuss about Pros and Cons of both these Blogging sites and in the end we will reveal which one is superior.
Here we go:


Blogger is also known as BlogSpot. Blogger is a Google product especially designed for bloggers.

·        Best blogging site to begin a career as a blogger.
·        BlogSpot is a free blogging site.
·   If you really want to share your thoughts and write about some interesting issues,blogger is a good option.
·       Blogger is free from any kind of technical know-how so you don’t have to scratch your head while using this site.
·        Blogger is not an ideal platform to earn money and brand building.
·        Blogger is not a good fit for SEO optimization.
·        Blogger is confined to limited features.


WordPress is the most popular blogging site in the world which allows its user to explore number of features. 

·    WordPress is more user friendly than Blogger because it allows its user to 
    control their blog in any way they want.
·        WordPress allows the user to host and design their files in the simpler way.
·      Self-hosted Wordpress blog allows you to make your blog popular and earn great money.
·  Wordpress provides the Wordpress community support which resolves all the technical issues.
·     Managing and maintain a blog on WordPress is a responsible and time taking   job
·         Without SEO plugins, WordPress is not fit for SEO optimization.

After going through the Pros and Cons of both the blogging sites it seems quite clear that WordPress has dominating features over Blogger. No doubt blogger gives you the descent blogging experience but in the bigger picture Wordpress beats Blogger in every department. Wordpress is more professional built, blogger friendly and allows the user to make money through their bog. Blogger lacks major functions, features and technicalities which makes it weaker in front of WordPress.

So, the winner of the battle is “WordPress”!

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