29 Nov 2016


5 Ways to Write High Quality Blog Posts

5 Ways to Write High Quality Blog Posts

Writing a blog is not a rocket science, it only takes words, ideas and motivation. But there is something missing in the blogs published these days and that is the soul of your blog content. To write a blog, only words are not enough, there are other efforts you need to put to make your blog authentic and standard. As a blogger you shouldn’t overlook two important facts. First thing is you are writing to help the reader and that should be your ultimate motto and the second thing is writing a blog on the basis of your personal experience and idea and not from other resources. So here we are going to discuss what efforts are required to write the high quality blog post.

Just have a look at these 5 mantras listed below to improve the quality of your blogs:

Set the Agenda

Randomly selecting a topic to write on is not a great idea. In order to write something for the reader you have to work little systematic and for that you should make an agenda that will be help your blog content to drive numbers of readers .  At this stage you need to work upon how your content can receive the reader’s gratitude after all they are the reason you are writing for. You must keep a check on your editorial schedule and also note down few sub points that you are going to discuss in your blog. Making an agenda is an outline of your entire blog.

Select an Excellent Title for Your Blog

Title plays a very crucial role in connecting the readers to your blogs. Blog title should never be overlooked as it can do wonders to attract the readers. Well, excellent title comes from creative and out of the box minds so you need to come up with really appealing titles that can drive the readers to your blog just by looking at the title of your blog. Never consider monotonous, mainstream titles as they are not capable to strike in the minds of the readers and it will be overlooked in the first second readers saw it. Spend some time to think an excellent title and once the title is finalized you must ask yourself is it a click-worthy title? If yes then use the title.

Make Your Blog Well Organized

Nobody reads an unorganized and poorly formatted content and even if they do they are going to leave your page very soon.  A well formatted heading and organized structure is somewhat the personality of any blog and it should not be compromised. When you are not feeling comfortable in directly posting on the blogging site never force yourself to do so. Well, Microsoft Word is your all time drafting buddy just write on it, format the content and paste the content to your blogging site. Best thing about MS Word is that you don’t need an internet connect to write as it works offline and you are free to use it the way you like it. In fact if you are beginner then you must use M S word to have some practice on writing blogs. Organized Blog deals with appropriate formatting that includes proper usage of Headlines, Bullet lists, Numbered & multilevel lists and so on. If you become perfect at organizing your content then without any doubt your blog is good enough to be published

Truth Counts

Readers read your blog because they trust your blog and the author. Truth is the necessity and ignoring it can be your biggest mistake for your blog. A true content is all you need to prepare your blog so it’s better to use your own ideas instead of using other resources. Readers and technology are smart enough to catch your unoriginal content so writing down the truth is something you should never mess with. Always respect your readers by providing them genuine and authentic content and efforts should be made to maximize the credibility and authority of your blog as this will guarantee the trust in your readers towards your blog.

Make your content more personalize

Personalizing the content is not all about building personal brand it’s more than that. You may have a pool of fantastic ideas to turn those into your blog posts but is that all? Absolutely not!
Personalizing the content is beyond general blogging as is it needs extra effort like more of personal experience. The idea is simple don’t be lazy and always go for a extra mile to prove the readers that whatever you are posting on your blog comes from your personal experience , ideas and thoughts. Readers love to read about personal experiences of the authors.