22 Dec 2016


Living Poor Life

Living Poor life

Have you ever thought what it feels like to spend life in poverty?

Well, it is the last thing you ever want to think. Talking practically, being a poor is neither a curse nor a boon but I believe man himself is responsible for his fate. People are not always born poor but they become one due to some reasons. And these reasons varies from person to person; many families used to enjoy lots of wealth in their past but currently they are living in slums like beggars. You must be wondering how it all could have happened, well the reason is the successors of that wealthy family were incapable to carry their fortune further that’s why they had to live like poor. This story is just a case as most of the poor families never had a good fortune.

I know several people who are living their life in darkness and literally have no idea what made them poor and how are they going to beat this. Talking about the issues faced by the people is explained below:


Most of the people consider having two meals a day as a blessing because this is something they don’t get on a regular basis. They have to beg for the food and sometimes they have to look in the society dustbins. As a poor person, finding a food is a challenge and the ways to looking for food could be as miserable as you could think.


Poor people generally don’t have a shelter to live but if they have one, their home looks like a room with no basic amenities like kitchen, toilets etc and they all have to live in the same room. You have no idea how these people spend their winters with no place to save them from the chilling cold.


Government may have brought Mid day meal school scheme for the poor children but sadly to say it doesn’t worth nothing. Most of the time teachers remain absent and the number of children who attend the school is just for the sake of having a mid day meal. Technically there is no proper channel for the poor kids to receive at least the basic education. Fortunately, some NGOs are working to provide education to the needy and poor kids.

Social Treatment

Poor people face lots of hardships through their entire life in different ways. They are being exploited, oppressed and assaulted by the well established class of the society. Besides if they belong to the lower caste, they are discriminated on the basis on their cast and most importantly, poor people are seen as burden to the society. 

“There is always a sunlight after the darkness”….trying to say that it doesn’t mean that if your born poor then you’re going to spend the rest of your life that way only. There are many great legends that were born poor but died as a rich and respected. Abraham Lincoln was such a man who could be an example for those who don’t want to die poor. As for the Non poor people I have a little advise to offer, you people may have all the fancy commodities and loads of bank balance but it doesn’t give you the right to exploit poor people.

P.S.   Do a little favor to these people if you have enough then help them by educating            them. 

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