17 Dec 2016


7 Common Life Mistakes Young People Usually Make

7 Common Life Mistakes Young People Usually Make

As a young person you believe you are born to do all kinds of crazy stuff and to some extent it is natural and good also but what happens after that. You have no idea what’s waiting for you in the future. You do all sorts of nonsense in your young days and probably regret it later. Let us talk about 7 common life mistakes young people often make:

Wasting Time

There are many sayings related to the value of time and my personal favorite is “If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” As a youth you don’t realize the importance of time but the moment everything is passed you realize the real importance of it. Then you wish you could have done it in the past or you should have avoided doing that bad stuff back in the past. All you are left with regrets and “I wish I could”.
This is why it is advised to use the time wisely not badly.

You Believe You Matter

As a matter you don’t matter not even if you are the boss of your own company. Apart from your parents and real close friends nobody cares about you and if you believe they do then you are mistaken.  They pretend they like you and care about you but the reality is they keep that fake smile so that they can get their work done from you.

You Don’t Give Back

If you are blessed with Good job and having lavishing lifestyle you generally don’t want to share it with other people not even with your needy friends and neighbors. What is use of such money if you can’t help other people; it is a matter of human shame. Helping is good deed and you never know your little help can bring joy to someone’s life. Your little support will pay you back in the future.

You Believe Money Buys Everything

Most people consider money is their ultimate goal ….is it? Apart from food, shelter, family support and temporary luxurious life money has no value at all. Money can’t buy happiness, Money won’t bring the dead person alive, and money doesn’t make your relationship better so what makes you believe that money is everything. I have seen happy families with not enough money and sad people with BMWs that make me feel happiness doesn’t come from money. To lead a happy life you don’t need money you need love and satisfaction from your life.

Looks Are Not Going to Last Forever

No matter how many surgeries and anti ageing creams you try you can’t fight ageing as it is a part of human life. Some people are so much obsessed with their looks that they believe that they want to look muscular and beautiful for their entire life and they are not ready to accept this harsh truth of life. It is always good rid get over with any misconception.
So stop looking in the mirror and have some life.

Being Alone

You are young and you are alone. Being alone is not healthy in a log run as you need someone to take care of you, to comfort you and you also want someone to care about. You need to find love so that you can share your happy and sad moments with someone.

Drugs and Sex Will Make You Regret

More than half of the youth population are either drug addicts or involved in sexual activities without any control. History shows that drugs and sex literally ends your life in a very terrible manner. Everyone’s favorite Robert Downey Jr. once been suffering from drug problem which badly affected his health and career but he didn’t end up dead because he wanted to make the things right and finally he left that rubbish habit and back to his healthy routine.

Don’t lose your conscience and wake up you still have time to make the things right.