11 Jan 2017


10 Most Strangest Jobs In The World

10 Most unusual Jobs In The World

People often complain about how they are not enjoying their jobs, how fed up they are with their same boring routine and how less salary they are getting from their jobs. Sometimes we feel we are so unsatisfied with their jobs that we want to quit our jobs and unsurprisingly this feeling occurs to most of the wage earner no matter you are salesperson, shopkeeper, Government employee or an IT engineer. You might be surprised if I tell you how lucky you are to have such secure, dignified and comfortable jobs and the reason why I am telling you is that many people don’t have the luxury to enjoy the comfortable and easy jobs like most of the people.

Below are some strangest jobs in the world that might give you Goosebumps if you thought of doing that job yourself: 

Unskilled workers in Central and southern Asia

These people are illiterate and they do heavy work to earn money and feed themselves.

 Mounting high-voltage electricity cables

It is one of the dangerous jobs as the risk involved to life security is at high. These people are trained professionals to do such jobs.

Working in the tall mountains

  These people cut mountains and build roads in the mountains.  It also involves larger  risks.

   Working in Mines
Hundreds of people die every year during mining. Workers employed in mines (mainly coal) are likely to suffer from various health issues like air breathing.

Cleaning drainage system

Cleaning drains is not a respectful job in India; they have to clean sewers and drainage.

Labors in oil extraction companies

Oil extraction zones are highly vulnerable places as this job involves petroleum. Therefore, you can think how challenging and dangerous it could be.


These people are real life heroes as they safe life and property from fire but what about their own life; they put their life in danger so that they can save others.

Workers involved in salt processing in India

Salt is an important part of our meal but you will be shocked after knowing where it came from , how its processing and packaging takes place. People involved in salt refinery and packaging generally suffer from various types of health problems.

Window washing of a skyscraper

Everybody likes a shining building but it really takes guts to make the building keep shining. Washing windows is another challenging and risky job where the window cleaner has to work on the skyscraper to clean the windows.

 Diamond searching labors in Africa

Africa is an abundant source of diamonds and many poor African labours employed to search for diamonds in the mud in which they have to put lots of physical effort to find a diamond from digging inside the ground.