10 Jan 2017


Making Money through Social Media with Famebit

Making Money through Social Media with Famebit

You may have read a number of articles related how to make money online through affiliate marketing or other online money earning methods. Today you are going to learn one of the simply best methods through which you can make a very handsome amount of money. All you need to have is Social media account, (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc, FameBit and Sponsorship from Brands.

Let me tell you in short how it works:
The prime necessity is having a social media account (preferably Twitter, Facebook or YouTube) with at least 1000 followers. Next thing is reaching brands using Famebit and getting sponsorship from various brands dealing in fashion, gadgets, beauty and Food products etc. Once you have got the sponsorship you can sponsor the products of the brand on your social media network. You could earn up to $10,000.

All you need to know about Famebit

Famebit is a network which connects you (social media influencer) with the brands. Famebit is itself a social networking site that helps you in reaching with various brands and getting sponsorship and it works on social media monetization. In order to get the sponsorship, you have to send the proposal to the brands you are applying. Sending proposal to a brand is like presenting your work and convinces the brand why you are eligible to get the sponsorship. Once the brand is convinced or accepts your proposal you are totally on. And, the next thing you will be doing is talking about the brand's product or promoting it on your social network. Brands are finding social media monetization, a very suitable way to reach out the various sections of the market. As far the payment is concerned, you receive the amount via PayPal or paper check.

Following are some additional information about Famebit:

  • Registration is free on Famebit
  • Famebit lets you explore the marketplace, which is full of various brands.
  • Famebit gives you a dashboard that helps you in plan, promotion plan & sharing the draft with the company.
  • Famebit charges its users 10% of the sponsored fees for providing them its Platform.