26 Jan 2017


8 Ways to Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page

8 Ways to Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page
No wonder you want more and more people like FB posts on your Facebook page and expand your page followers. And more follower definitely means your page is getting popular among the Facebook audience. To boost “likes” on your FB page, you need to follow some simple ways that will help you in getting the greater number of likes:

 Always write quality post
Nobody likes to read boring, uninteresting and poor content while quality posts are the refined and interesting content structured in such a way that it catches the reader’s attention. So, always design a quality post for your page.

 Keep posting regularly
If you want to maintain the flow of likes on your Facebook page then you need to keep posting on your page regularly. This will help your page to hold your existing followers and gain new followers.

Choose a suitable time to post
Not every time is good to communicate with your followers so the best time post is either prime time i.e., 9 PM or during holidays when they are free.

Incorporate images into your posts
Graphics and images increase the chances of your page to receive additional attention for your non-existing followers. Use catchy, funky and appealing images with your posts so that it grabs the attention of your new followers and leading them to like your page.

 Add videos in your posts
Like I said how images could be advantageous in getting extra likes from new followers in the same way Video also escalates the appeal of your page, an interesting and unique video related to your FB posts will give you more likes for sure.

SEO is helpful
SEO is helpful in improving the ranking of page ranks on Google search page. Using proper keywords and SEO tools, you can help yourself in promoting your page among potential FB users seeking for the same information related to your posts

Leave your FB page URL in your blogs
You may have a blog, which deals with the content related to the Facebook page. Therefore, you can cash out your blog to promote your Facebook by embedding your FB page link, which will help you in getting new followers.  Besides, Quora is another medium through which you can do the same for fulfilling your motive.

Keep Sharing
To reach maximum likes on your Facebook page, the simplest way is to keep sharing your page on different social networking sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp and many more networks and social discussion forums.

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