28 Jan 2017


5 Ways to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

5 Ways to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

We all know the importance of Youtube in this digital era where millions of people around the world accessing millions of videos every day. No other Video website is even close to Youtube that only makes it stronger than its competitors do.  I know it is not easy to get a good rank on Youtube for your videos but there are ways to ease this problem, smart optimization of your videos on Youtube will end you up in enjoying better ranks for your videos on Youtube.

Before proceeding any further, we want you to notice several factors, which determine video ranking on Youtube.

Onsite Factors
Onsite factors include Relevant Keywords, Video Tags, Title, Video Description, Thumbnails, Video Transcript and Channel Authority.

Offsite Factors
Offsite factors include Views and Video Retention, Comments, Subscribes, Shares, Favorites, Thumbs Up/Down and Backlinks .
Following are the steps you must follow to rank you’re your videos higher on YouTube Search Results:

·        Boost the views on your Youtube videos

In order to increase views on your Youtube videos you need to cover larger area of social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest and various other networks to post your Youtube video/video link.  Besides, you can also use Quora and Email newsletter to promote your Youtube video to reach out to potential audience.

·        Optimization of  Video Title and Description using Relevant Keywords

Your video title and description should be structured in such a way that it includes all the relevant keywords and phrases. In addition, title should be set for minimum five words so that you can include the entire keyword in it.  As far as the description is concerned, 250 word description (where the keyword must be incorporated in the first 25 words of the entire description) is considered as an ideal word limit mentioning the key words for three or four times.              

·          Optimization of  Video Tags

Video tags are more like Keywords for your videos defining the content of your videos using words. Always use a relevant tag to your video so that the viewers can figure it out what the video contains.  Six to eight video tags for your videos are totally considerable and ideal.

·        Ask your viewers to Like, Subscribe and Comment on Your Youtube Video.
This is one of the common and effective strategies used by the Youtube Channels to rank higher on Youtube. Always use the call-to-action button (Like, Subscribe and Comment) to hold your existing viewers and gaining extra views on your videos.

·        YouTube Analytics can help you in to monitor the Performance of Your Video
Youtube Analytics tool is a monitoring system that tells you everything about the performance of your video. Youtube analytics tool tells you about the sites that have embedded your videos in their blog and site. You can use this opportunity to insist these sites to embed your latest videos in future.It allows you to have a check on your video’s retention rate.  Analytics tool keeps a track about how long your video is watched by viewers and also let you know about which point viewers stopped watching the video.
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