30 Jan 2017


All You Need To Know About Blogging Search Engine Optimization

All You Need To Know About Blogging Search Engine Optimization

You have a website and want to make it popular among online audience. This is when SEO is used; SEO is something that helps to improve the ranking of your website on Google search results. Now let me tell you how exactly SEO works, SEO are an automatic algorithms developed by Google. There are spiders, send out to crawl on the websites by the system to check it on or above 100 indicators(domain age fresh content, traffic and Backlinks etc ) to ensure if the website is valuable or not. SEO is the technique of making these spiders satisfied with the website.
Some Helpful Tips for Blogging SEO
Get Your Own Domain and Hosting
Freebies don’t last too long so is your free blog set-ups. In order to make a good beginning you need to buy a registered domain and hosting. Registered domain and hosting favours your SEO efforts.
Original Content Is the Ultimate Solution
Google never compromises with the quality and doesn’t let the users suffer.  This is way, it is suggested that content should be crafted and designed in a manner that customers don’t have to struggle with search results, keywords and relevant information. Content incorporated in the form of Videos, Photography and Podcast to form a relationship with readers and resolving their issues. Once you follow this tip, you can find faster and better results on the SERPS (search engine rankings positions).
Backlink helps you in expanding your audience
In case, you are wondering what Backlink is about, Blacklink is basically a term when another website mention your website link in their page or say they link back to the website from their site.

Always Use SEO Optimized Theme
SEO Optimization of theme is essential if you want Google indicators to believe that your site is trustworthy and valuable. It makes it easy for Google to locate your content. In addition, your optimization should be done in such a manner that it is mobile responsive, cleanly coded and fast loading pages.
Work on permalink structure
Permalinks is a terminology  used about how people see your blogsite and its internal pages  and posts . Permalinks contains  an extension and a root .
Example ;   ROOT: blogtyrant.com/
                      EXTENSION: beginnger-blogging-seo/
Sitemap Installation
Google Sitemap plug-in is required for sitemap installation. Sitemap provides an entire map of everything present on your site be it posts, archives and pages. It generates the sitemap at regular intervals and then submits it to Google, Bing, etc. on site owner’s behalf. It is like offering a map of your site so they can index it in a better way. 
Do Comment on various other blogs
Commenting on other blogs is one of the useful SEO techniques to receive more traffic, build relationships with new sites and an opportunity to expose your work. It may also consider as a backlink.

Go for SEO plugins
If you are using Wordpress then you can enjoy some cool plugins that you can install and get some assistance with SEO work. All in one SEO pack is one the most popular plugins that helps you do some crazy things with your blog.


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