7 Mar 2017


Secret Revealed behind Success Of wittyfeed.com - Indore Based 30 Crore Startup

Most of you who know about wittyfeed.com are wondering - How come a non-funded Curated Content Startup from Indore succeeded, by Success I feel they are ranked  #19 in India on Alexa, they have more then 100Million vistors daily and yearly revenue more then INR 50 crore approx, more-importantly they are not VC funded based out of Indore. All the 3 Founders are just 26 year of age.Look at these Young Founders of WittyFeed - 

People who do not know about wittyfeed.com can view below articles to get glimps of this startup -

Here is SnapShot of Current Alexa Rank -

Let me Summarize the Company Detail Here

  1. Company Name - WittyFeed (wittyfeed.com)
  2. What it Does - Viral Content Company - Basically Curated Content Creation.
  3. When it Started - In Year 2014.
  4. Founders - Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and Shashank, B.Tech from SRM university.
  5. Headquarter - Based on Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  6. Daily Visitors on the Site - More then 15lac New Visitors Dailly.
  7. Monthly Revenue - More then 7-10 Crore in Rupees.
  8. Yearly Revenue - $6 million as an annual turnover in the FY 2015-16, we expect it to be around more then $30Million by 2017 year end. 

Now You have read about the Company How it started and What are its revenue as of today, however nobody has revealed how does this company got these many visitors all of sudden in just one year started in 2015 and reached to Million Dollar company in a single year - There are various content companies in the market, internet world is flooded with content - You may get  a chunk of total market share in this short span of time however can not reach to current position what wittyfeed has gained. 

I have tried to google it also how does it gets such huge no of visitors - all the visitors are not from Google Search or so called white hat SEO, also after change of facebook page algorithm you can not get such a huge no of visitors, I read about its secret from its founder on Quora here is the details -

Reply by Wittyfeed Founder on Its Success 

Reply from Founder Vinay Singhal about Success of Wittyfeed, however you still could not get what he means other then his sincere hard work and yes we agree it is their hardwork which is being paid off, however which type of hardwork actually he is talking about that is not clear from his answer. 

Here is Secret Behind WittyFeed Success - Our Team Research Result 

  • Yes you read it correct, I have been searching about wittyfeed so much on internet, read most of the articles stories etc however could not get the much info. Recently we have created a facebook page related to Whatsapp Forward , so I was just visiting the pages with Sayari then I came across Various Facebook Pages which has are related to Relationship, Shayari, Love, Hindi Movie Lines, Breakup having lacs of Likes on pages, and the secret is all these pages Belong to WittyFeed Team -  Yes You read it correctly all these pages are owned by WittyFeed  and none of these pages have mention of Wittyfeed neither on heading nor on links images nowever, you can not find out that these pages belong to wittyfeed. Few pages are like -
  • How Does These Pages Drive Traffic -  These pages are very well created, managed posting according to their title like - You will feel that these pages are not related to any website at all, as they post very quality content most of them post shayari which people likes, shares. So they have used the facebook advert as well to get more likes on their pages. All these pages have more then few lacs of Fans , so when a nice post is posted it reaches to  around some 10k peoples easily based on initial subscriber response then people share it as well, so every single post from one page is reached to some thousands of people. Now the Trick is - " Post some 10 -15 images very genuinely and then one image with wittyfeed URL"   morever they mask the URL of wittyfeed with the URL of page page so that people actually do not think this is being posted by wittyfeed,  by this way they land up in getting millions of traffic daily other then google search.

So to summarize,

Secret is - "Wittyfeed have thousands of Pages which brings the traffic to Wittyfeed Website" .

Get the traffic whatever be the method, thats how $$$ is earned.  I found it really genuine and many company uses this trick like Rajnikant Vs CID page etc.

Mere hindi bhaiyo ke liye bata du - wittyfeed indore based company he jo 26 sal ke 3 ladako dwara start ki gai 2014 me, har sal is company ka turnover 30 crore ase jayda ka he and mere is article m ye batane ki kosis ki he ki ye company itane sare paise kaise kamanti he, ji ha friends and secret is - " In logo ke bahut sare facebook pages he shayari, love, breakup etc jis par dher sare likes he and wahi se ye apne visitors ko lekar ate he".

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