21 May 2017


WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature Finally Enabled for Android

WhatsApp had introduced pinned chats feature to its messenger app for Android beta testers earlier in May and now, it has finally made available to the public.
As its name suggests, pinned chats lets you pin up to three contacts and groups to the top of your WhatsApp conversation list.
That also makes it easier to ignore notifications from the conversations that you aren’t especially interested in, no matter how active they get.
WhatsApp's existing mute feature is handy, but only fixes part of the problem.
“Users can now pin up to three of the most important group or individual chats to the top of their chat list for easy access – simply tap and hold a chat, and then tap the pin icon at the top of your screen.”
Tapping and holding a chat also lets you mute or archive it, and it’s also really easy to unpin a pinned conversation. 
"With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend," WhatsApp said in the statement.

Here's how to pin chats on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Long press the chat conversion of the individual/group and you will see the Pin icon on top (from left) along with trash can (delete), speaker (mute) and rectangular box with down arrow (archive).

Step 2: Tap the Pin icon and the conversation will remain on top irrespective of any new messages you receive and reply to them. However, users can only pin up to three of the most important group or individual chats to the top of their chat list.

The messaging app is also testing an “unsend” feature, which will let you recall a message within a certain timeframe, after you’ve hit send.


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