24 Sept 2015


How to Start your own Blog

Starting a  blog is very simple and yes any body who has  access to internet can start his own blog or website and interestingly it is free as well. 

 What is Blog ?

As per google - A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
 Lets make it simple -

 " Blog is website where any individual/firm can write, share pics, share vidoes and it is so simple as simple as writing a post in facebook or writing a  mail which would appear on a webite, Yes it is as simple as you own a website without any  prerequisite or Coding Knowledge"

Example :- 

   1. Lets look at a blog of Amitabh Bachhan Ji -  http://srbachchan.tumblr.com/  
  2. Lets look at another blog on Blogger -  http://100topblog.blogspot.in/
  3. Lets have glimpse of a Wordpress Blog - https://rewa.wordpress.com/

So to conclude a blog is personal website which can be started by any common person to have its presence.

Want to start your Own Blog ? 

 Here is a nice video which will help you in starting a blog.

For any further queries please comment below  we will help you out to start your blog.