13 Oct 2016


Brilliant SEO Tool - PowToon

We are back with another tool to kick-start your presentation. You may need it for drumming in interest in your work project, follow-up in a meeting in an awesomely creative way or just need an explainer video for your product. Animate your product’s adv. and gather your audience’s attention.

PowToon is great cloud based software for everybody. Around 10,000 students and teachers are joining it every month. Now anyone can animate! PowToon features a drag and drop graphical user interface and offers a variety of style libraries. You don’t need software extensions to create awesome templates to share. Your video is exported as an MP4 file. You can embed your files in any website and it is now integrated with Google Drive.

Amazing features-
1.       Write script
2.       Record voice-over
3.       Add visuals
4.       Free version available
5.       Get premium version and see more than 300% increase in your engagement
6.       Saves time
7.       Easy to animate (do the editing without headache)
8.       Less efforts required
9.       Amazingly re-presentable
1.       Effective and appropriate clip arts available
1.       Limitless features available

Find the software below:

How to use it-
1. First investigate whether there is a ready-made template in their template gallery that suits your search.
2. Or you can just start from scratch and make your own PowToon.
3. Editing a PowToon is easier than it seems, use search function to find anything you need, add objects and customize a ready-made template in less than 10 minutes!
4. Take a look at free mini-courses and get quick help to make your presentation look professional.
5. Done with your PowToon? Choose how to share it with the export feature. Yes! It’s that easy.
So what are you waiting for? Add PowToon to your browser right away and start making outstanding presentations today!