28 Oct 2016

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Meet the Top 5 Billionaire Daughters of India

Meet the Top 5 Billionaire Daughters of India

There is no other relation like father daughter relation. Every girl is her daddy’s princess and that bonding couldn’t be any better. Lucky are those daughters who were born and brought up to some really rich families of India. These daughters from billionaire families have emerged as the most empowering personalities for their companies and came forward as an inspiration to the girls of the country. On one hand most of these daughters are already running their family business on the other hand, some are all set to get launched. Most of these daughters have been in some reputed B schools of the country.

Here are the top 5 billionaire daughters of India, who are definitely going to be the source of inspiration to all the girls:

   1. Nisa Godrej

Nisa could be an aspiring example for empowering the feminism in our country. Not only she received her MBA degree from Howard but also became the head of the Godrej Group. Currently, she is holding the designation of President of Human Capital and Innovation in Godrej Group. Being a part of billion dollars worth family business, she learned how to run the legacy by managing around 20 thousand employees working for the Godrej Group which deals with soap, hair and toiletries products.

 2. Tanya Dubash

Tanya Dubash is another powerful woman of the nation. She is the daughter of eminent industrialist Mr. Adi Godrej. In short, Tanya handles more than one designation at the same time. Currently, she is serving as the Director on the Boards of different Godrej Group companies that includes Godrej Consumer Product Limited, Godrej Agro vet Limited and Godrej Industries Limited. Like I said she is multitasking woman, she also serves on the Board of Directors of Bhartiya Mahila Bank – basically a bank to cater the banking needs of Indian women. This lady is simply amazing!!!

3. Vinita Gupta

Another big name, Vinita is the daughter of Desh Bandhu Gupta , a man which is known as the major pharmaceutical businessman. Vinita learned so much about her father’s pharmaceutical business that now she has become an important component of her father’s business. Talking about her qualifications she did her engineering in electrical department from UCLA.

  4. Isheta Salgaocar

Isheta Salgaocar is another princess from rich Indian family. She is a kin to Raj and Deepti Salgaocar one of the richest people of the country. She did her graduation in Political Science from Columbia University. She got herself a tag of “news junkie” not just like that but there is a reason for that she is an active columnist for national and international publications. Isheta is an independent, well educated woman that sets an example for all the aspiring girls of India.

5. Roshni Nadar

 Everyone is familiar with Shiv Nadar, who is counted among top Indian billionaires and having such a talented daughter might - Roshni Nadar  have been a proud moment for her. At the age of 28 Roshni served as the Chief Executive and Executive Officer of HCL –   $5 billion tech company. In addition to this, She is a trustee with her father’s foundation i.e., Shiv Nadar Foundation.


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