22 Oct 2016


Roman Saini – The 25 year old Young IAS officer who quit his job to Teaching - Inspiring

Roman Saini – The IAS officer who quit his job to “Unacademy”

For many of us it sounds foolish to quit an IAS post job but it’s true and it happened. We are talking about the young IAS officer Roman Saini who quit his job so that he can teach others for free. The 24 old completed his graduation from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)- the prestigious medical college of the nation. Fortunately, he was able to crack the IAS mains and got himself the post of Assistant Collector in Jabalpur.

So, what made him to sacrifice his prestigious post?

Gaurav Munjal is a man whom he was inspired from. Gaurav was his School buddy and they have been really good friends since then .It happened 5 years ago when Gaurav shared this marvelous idea of starting a YouTube channel named “Unacademy”. Unacademy was built with a vision to offer free education to all those aspirants who are looking forward to become a part of the national service by clearing IAS examination.

This is the part when Munjal got him and he was immediately ready to share this vision with him. It was very tough for him to quit his post as it was something he always dreamt of. So, finally he decided to quit as he had a belief in “Unacademy”- free education service to all the civil service aspirants. Currently Unacademy has more than 5 lakh students (subscribers) who are being benefitted with this channel. Unbelievably, Unacademy has 1.1 crore lessons delivered since the time it started.

Jabalpur Collector S N Rupla confirmed that Roman quit the IAS in last year so that he can do the greater good for the nation.