29 Oct 2016


To an Unmarried Girl in Her 20’s

Every one grows as time passes, from adolescence we reach teenage and then comes the most exciting time our “twenties”. Everyone passes somehow through their teenage though and finally we all enter our “twenties”. That’s when you complete your graduation and decide what next? As a woman now, society gives you the option of marriage, so do you accept it or reject it? The choice is all yours. Other options also lie along the line; Do you pursue your career? Do you live your dream? Do you travel?  And what not you wish to do....

You see your friends falling in love, finding partners, having a fairy tale wedding and what not. It is tempting, but an advice here, don't hurry into falling in love or getting married. It better to stay unmarried, than to live with someone whom you are not in love with. There will be a lot of pressure as you keep growing older every year. But don’t give up until you find the right guy.
The world is a bad place. You need to stay safe and secure. You need to be your own kind of hero. There will always be people around you, expecting you to make sacrifices for them which you might make but only until it doesn't affect your own happiness and health. In difficult times only you can protect yourself. No guy out there is strong enough to fight back for you or protect you when you are attacked.
Everyone grows up by making mistakes, even you made a few. You loved a wrong guy, you got cheated upon, you had a break-up, you slept with a guy, you trusted wrong people, you drank one night and you became bankrupt and what not. But in the end make sure you learn something from all this and that is what will make you a strong person for life. Yes, you made mistakes and accepted them. Big deal! Life teaches lessons and you learn from it.
Early twenties are usually quite emotional and crazy. Nothing seems to be falling in place. But the late twenties get much better. You become wiser, less emotional and tend to get a grip on your life. So, hang in there and enjoy the ride! Do what you love, embrace your feminine energy, love the colour pink, discover yourself, fight back for your rights, receive education and pursue your career, chase your dreams and in the end when you feel like getting married go for it. But for that too, take your time. Take all the time in the world - to make this decision. You know yourself the best and you know what you can deal with.
Remember you are beautiful and kind. Give yourself a chance to find what makes you happy throughout the day to go to bed with a smile on your face. So, breathe positive energy, this is your time after all. You can bring out the best in people just with a smile, it's a gift.  Grow by taking decisions, not by following directions.

PS: Every woman is a superwoman in making, respect her, one day she might come to your rescue.