19 Oct 2016


Trick to Increase Jio Daily Data Limit

There is one thing going on now which almost everyone is dying to get. The Jio Sim. How is the data connectivity and network in Jio. Is there any limit for using the data? Is there anyway you can bypass the data limit. Here is everything you need to know about all of those.

Jio is giving it's customers high speed internet at very cheap prices as we are well aware of. The network has grown very wide and is available almost in all the corners of the country. But a slight disadvantage the public is facing is that the Jio works only on phones having 4G support. But since 95% smart phones have that facility, its not a big disadvantage.

Current Daily Data Limit
As promised, the Reliance Jio is providing unlimited data. But they had told that they would be providing unlimited 4G data which is having a small catch in it. There is a limit on the 4G data you can use daily. Since the number of users are very high in the network, unlimited 4G usage would lead to the jamming in the towers and then no one would be able to get any data. Keeping in view the services Jio is already providing, more than 4GB which is the present daily cap, is too much to ask for. But even after 4GB of data daily, you still can browse the internet with a download speed of 128 kbps.

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Useful hack to get 8 GB 4g data a day. 

The Jio network has kept the data limit for 24 hours everyday 10 am to 10 pm. So if you have used your 4gb before 10pm, just restart your phone at 10 pm and you'll find that your data has been restarted.

Step 1: If you crossed 4GB limit on a day then wait till 10PM.
Step 2: After 10PM, restart your mobile.
Step 3: Once restarted enable data and you will get 4G speed restored.