10 Nov 2016


3 Ways to Earn Money from Whatsapp

3 Ways to Earn Money from Whatsapp

What if I tell you WhatsApp can help you in raising your pocket money?
You heard it right; WhatsApp is more than your chatting messenger Application. It is not like you need extra features to earn the money, everything will remain intact as it is. WhatsApp can become one of the sources of your short income. All you need to learn is the techniques that are used to earn money. Interesting isn’t it? 
Now I am going to introduce those 3 magical ways that are going to make some money for you:

Link Shortening Service

 You may have received promotional messages several times on WhatsApp containing link and some content. Most of you guys must not know that those messages are nothing but paid URL.  Let me tell you how this method actually works; first of all you need to find some trending or say viral content like jokes or news make sure that your content is interesting and when  are you are done with the research of the content. Copy its URL. Secondly and most importantly you need link shortening services from link shortening websites like shorte.st etc. Now all you need to shorten your link with the help of these shortening service providers. And when your short URL is generated it is ready to share among your WhatsApp friends and you may spread the link by creating your own WhatsApp broadcasting group. The main motive to spread the link is getting the link clicked by the user. Once the link is clicked and the content is seen the publisher gets paid. You can earn 0.01 to 5$ per click.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another method you can make money online. In this method you have to promote the specific product of a company with the help of URL sharing and the moment someone buys product using your shared link you get the commission from the company. This method is quite simple as it requires a company /brand/website say Amazon.com now you need to register yourself in the Amazon Affiliate program. Next thing is selecting the product always make sure that the product is worthy and tagged with offers and discounts. And finally your Affiliate URL is generated from the website. Rest of the things is taken care by your WhatsApp contacts and groups. More you get the sales done through your URL more commission you receive from the company.

Pay Per Download

PPD or Pay per Download is similar like URL sharing methods but the difference is quite unique as it permits the publishers to host files on the servers. And these hosted files are promoted with the support of the links generated from the PPD sites like Filece and Cleanfiles. Let me explain you how exactly this thing works:
Suppose you shared the generated the link among your WhatsApp friends and one of your friends visited the link and now suddenly the survey page appears that tell the user to fill the survey form and download the file once the survey form is filled, user gets to download the file and you get paid for each downloads. PPD pays you up to maximum 50$ per download.